The Silva Method

A Predictable Process

The Silva Method

Find Your Life Path

The Silva Method

Vistas Open Before You

The Silva Method

Your Steps into Your Future

The Silva Method - Silva Life System and Silva Intuition Training.

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The Silva Life System

The Silva Life System

This powerful, life-changing training is a step-by-step process that allows you to develop the untapped potential of your mind.

Through this course you

  • establish an easy-to-use 'path' to the meditative state - associated with intuition and creativity
  • contact your guidance for deeper understanding and better decision-making
  • reduce stress, leading to better health and well-being
  • develop a more positive attitude
  • develop greater control of your mind -- greater concentration, clarity and focus
  • develop a better memory
  • establish methods for manifesting your life desires by using the ‘tools of the mind’ - visualization and imagination
  • learn techniques to solve problems, regardless of whether they are rooted in the past, exist in the present or may exist in the future

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Follow-Thru Program

Follow-Thru Program

Whether you are a new Graduate or you graduated some time ago, the Follow-Thru Program can be invaluable.

And if you've never taken a Silva training, this program can be for you, too! Working with Barbara helps integrate the powerful Silva techniques by

  • Working together increases your concentration, your focus, on your projects.
  • Because you're working with me, you're more aware of your commitment to yourself to use what you learned in the Silva class and also you may accomplish things you may have thought were beyond your reach.
  • You create a plan which includes programming and, when you act on your plans, you move to success.
  • Together, we may do some brainstorming to come up with even more creative ideas.
  • and more!

This program turns new learning - Silva Techniques - into automatic behavior!

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The Silva Intuition System

The Silva Intuition System

The Silva Intuition Training is designed to allow anyone to recognize and use their intuitive senses therby experiencing a life enriched with reliable and consistent intuitive guidance.

This powerful, life-changing training is a step-by-step process that allows you to develop the untapped potential of your mind.  Master the art of dynamic meditation. Some call it ESP, some call it the sixth sense, remote viewing, and some call it a "gut feeling" - but whatever name it goes by, intuition boosts success, creativity, happiness and health in those who know how to harness it.

  • Find Your Life's Purpose and use your creativity to move toward this goal
  • Establish a constant connection with Source Energy
  • Learn how to use your intuition reliably whenever you need it
  • Make wise choices / decisions to solve problems for yourself and others

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The Silva Method courses - Silva Life System and Silva Intuition Training - are designed to elevate the creative powers of your mind by using visualization, imagination, thought awareness and the meditative state / meditation. The emphasis is on guided exercises, starting with teaching you how to put yourself in a relaxed state, which we call the "alpha level."  Each exercise leads you to greater awareness and an increased ability to focus your thoughts. This "newfound" ability allows you to solve everyday problems, to gain a better perspective of your life, and manifest your desires.

By using the basic building blocks of the Silva Method - Desire, Belief, and Expectancy - you can achieve personal greatness. The Silva Method is presented by Certified Silva Instructors in two separate weekend seminars - The Silva Life System first and then the Silva Intuition Training.

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A Forbes Magazine "Entrepreneur of the Year" trains his staff with
The Silva Method

By offering the Silva Method to (our) employees we provide an opportunity to experience for themselves the power of the mind… Experiencing the Silva techniques, rather than just hearing people talk about it, is very powerful. It’s like the difference between seeing a travelogue about the Grand Canyon and personally standing on the edge of it… Silva demonstrates that there is no limit to what the mind can do.

Robert Stiller, President and CEO of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

What is the Benefit of a "Live" Training?

"I have listened to the Life System home study CD program. What is the benefit of me now attending the "live" seminar"?

Nothing replaces the experience of a live training with a professional instructor to guide you and accelerate your learning and benefits. In addition you get to experience the synergy of the group. Your questions are answered immediately before they can lead to confusion and doubt. In addition to carefully guiding you step by step, we cover more material during the live training. Recently I read an interview of Dr. David Hawkins (DH) author of “Power VS. Force”. He was asked this same question and below is an excerpt of that interview from Shift magazine (PB). It sums up our observations and experience accurately.

What The Teacher Gives to a Student

Taken from an interview with David Hawkins, author of Power vs Force.

PB: What is it that a teacher gives to a student?

DH: The teacher brings knowingness and the energy field of that knowingness, without which a student would not be able to reach it on their own. It's really an energy transmission, classically called silent transmission, which is a high-energy vibration and aura. So although we are paying attention to what is being said, what's really happening is that the energy field has become yours and is accessible to you by your agreement. Nobody forces it.

PB: As if I can tune in to your channel because my lightning rod is nearby, and I am able to receive information.

DH: Yes, so each knowingness with your assent would then become "Aha!" What the teacher gives you is the absolute certainty of that knowingness. Others can give you the information, but they cannot give you the power of certainty that makes it work for you.

PB: So it's like planting seeds: I throw them down, but if I haven't watered or cared for them, they won't become anything.

DH: The energy field has to be of absolute certainty; it can't be just something nice you read out of a book or listen to on a CD.

Course participants come from all walks of life with various educational, religious and philosophical backgrounds. As the course continues, a wonderful group spirit develops – often creating lifelong friendships. After completing the course(s) you may repeat with any instructor for a nominal seating charge. Depending on where you live, you may have access to frequent meetings where Silva Method graduates share experiences, ask questions, and make friends. Classes are available throughout the year. Call for further information.

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