About The Silva Method

In the 50s, Jose Silva discovered that it was possible to train people to function at the Alpha level. He was the pioneer of the idea that the human mind had abilities beyond the 5 senses and that these abilities could be harnessed to improve one's life.

The self-improvement programs that emerged in the 70s, 80s and 90s popularized this discovery.

But Silva has always been ahead of the pack...

In the late 90's Silva had another realization which was as controversial as his suggestion in the 1950s that everyone had ESP.

Silva recognized that everyone has a certain 'path' or 'purpose' in life. Too many people face roadblocks because they ignore their calling or aim for goals outside their life purpose.

The Mind Training programs of the 90s in short - were incomplete!

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New Home Study / Review Programs

Nothing can compete with a live training with a professional instructor to guide you and accelerate your learning and benefits in addition to the synergy of the group. However, attendance at a live training may not always be possible; therefore a New Silva Life System Home Study program and Silva Intuition System Home Study program are now available.

The home study programs are complete with explanations of the practical life transforming techniques and guided dynamic meditations. They are an ideal review, expansion and reinforcement for Silva practitioners and an excellent introduction for those new to Silva.

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 Mark Robert Waldman, research scientist, author and speaker