3 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True

We all have dreams...some more fantasy than dream. How often have you written them down? If you record your nightly dreams, you probably have some written. Do you write your 'daydreams', your childhood dreams/goals, your fantasies?

The power of paper and pen is awesome! It's the first step in manifestation, creation, reality. Write your dream and then rewrite it until you have it just the way you truly desire. It's important to 'play' with this, making it exactly what you desire, so that doubt (aka the dreamkiller) is trounced!

Because you're focusing and doing something (action, writing) you're also creating a different state of mind - expectation, certainty of fulfillment.

By focusing on exactly what you desire, you're creating a state of certainty which can defeat any doubt.

Next, do your programming. If you're a Silva Method Graduate, you know the techniques. In short, it means using a mental process designed to move your dream from 'thought' to 'reality'.

Now comes the even-more-fun part...Action!

Take action - small or large - daily. Say your desire is a luxurious yacht and you say to me "What can I do to make this happen? I don't even have a rowboat today!" Well, you can walk around the marina, go to a dealer who sells them or look at pictures of yachts. This fuels the fire of your desire.

While I wouldn't call this a 'step', it's important to appreciate what you have as well as what you've had in the past. Be thankful. Express gratitude for what you have and what you're soon going to have. This keeps your mind in the positive state of expectation so that your dream is attracted to you.

Use this process to realize your dreams and, as you experience more dreams fulfilled, you'll grow in confidence - faith in yourself and your process.

Better & Better,

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