Are You a Maximized Thinker?

By Mandy Bass

Ten Powerful Questions to Shape Up Your RAS + Maximize Your Thinking 

As you know, your subconscious mind can be a powerful ally or an overpowering foe. Because 90% of human behavior is unconscious, the difference is almost always how we filter and access information. 

It is fascinating to consider that every second, approximately 2 million bits of information flood your nervous system, even when you sleep. 

At the same time you have your own internal dialogue and other people's "programming" running through your mind... that is a lot of activity to manage -- so your unconscious has to be effiicient! 

You process incoming information through your internal senses: pictures you create in your head, sounds you hear inside, feelings, smells and tastes. 

As a master in information management, it quickly deletes what appears to be unimportant, distorts things to fit into nice, neat paradigms that already exist, and generalizes to avoid perceptual overload. The physical processor in your brain that decides what information to let in and what to filter out is called the reticular activating system (RAS). 

Programming your "RAS," will give you control of a powerful subconscious ally that can help you find solutions to problems and expose you to the people, situations and information that can help you achieve your goals. 

Here is how RAS works: 

Ever shopped for a car? Gotten the brochures, checked out the dealers, kept copies of the flyers in your home and office so you could look at them again and again? 

Suddenly, you see that car everywhere - in commercials, on the road, in the parking lot where you work. Now that car was always there - but your intense interest in it activated your RAS which then began to "see" that car. 

Now here's the amazing yet ever so simple secret:
You can program the RAS and activate the subconscious mind through the power of asking the right questions -- repeatedly. 

Yes, it is that simple. By learning HOW to ask the right questions, your unconscious mind automatically searches for the answer. 

This can work for you by helping you find ways to get to your goals and solve problems. Or it can work against you to reinforce limiting beliefs and negative thinking. When you develop the ability to "think as a maximized thinker," and ask the right questions, you immediately upgrade your ability to create what YOU desire -- the BEST of what you desire. 

Not second best ... not almost what you desire... the BEST of what you desire. 

This works because you upgrade your own perception filter which in turn changes your reality. 

In other words you awaken the genius within to give you the answers you need. 

One of the greatest tools in the Silva Life Systems is also the simplest: The Glass of Water Technique. 

It activates your RAS to find solutions to specific problems. You can also use this technique to expand your horizons by asking "maximized questions." 

TEN Powerful Maximized Questions to Shape up Your RAS 

What three things can I enjoy doing today to get me to my goal of ____________? (Be very specific with your questions! The answers for earning $5,000 per month are different to those of making $30,000 per month. The answers for improving your relationship with your lover are different than improving your relationship with your children.) 

In what powerful and interesting way can this (specific) situation make my life better/ more fulfilling? 

In what joyful and creative ways can I make more money/ find a better job/ enjoy better health/ improve my relationship etc.? 

What baby step can I do right now to get this project off the ground? 

Given the circumstances, what specifically do I want as a result this situation? 

In what delightful ways can other people benefit? 

What would my ideal life/business look like? 

What three things am I really good at? 

How can I make the most of this? 

Out of all the wonderful things in my life, what am I most grateful for?

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