Jose Silva on Mind, Brain

Human Intelligence is what some people call Soul or Spirit.   Mind - a faculty of Human Intelligence (Soul or Spirit)    notice how he diferentiates between the two   Brain - a biological computer which can be programmed!     vibration, frequency which can be measured   ...

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Unique Ways that Human Beings Function

In this article, Jose Silva delves into his research to help us understand the unique ways that human beings function.   by Jose Silva        Here's a short quiz:        Why is your body like a radio?      Because both are communications...

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What Is Everyone's Purpose in Life?

        Jose Silva's experiences - and the great success he was guided to achieve despite his humble beginnings - convinced him that he understood what our purpose in life is.           It is not complicated,...

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From June Kidd, Silva Ambassador U.K.

(parenthesis added by Barbara Hawkins) June Kidd, Silva Ambassador U.K. To the Silva Method global family.  Many of you will know my story, that I (a dyslexic), by using the Silva Method, Mirror of the Mind technique, learned to spell virtually overnight...

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How to Be Your Own Psychic

 In this article, Jose Silva urges us to stop paying commercial psychics when we are perfectly capable of doing it for Jose Silva        You don't need to pay a commercial psychic to tell you about your past.      ...

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Think With the Right Brain Hemisphere and Act With the Left

      This article has some of Jose Silva’s reflections as one year came to an end and a new year began.         He saw what he usually saw: That the 90 percent of humanity who only...

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