Benefits of Meditation

Many people tell me they have no time to meditate, no time to "go to their level". Perhaps you believe you're too busy to take the time for meditation.

If you're busy busy busy, it may surprise you to know that when you take time for meditation

  • you get more accomplished in your day
  • your mental abilities are sharper

  • you're more relaxed

  • you get along with others more easily and work more effectively

  • you're more perceptive about what needs to be done and what others expect of you and

  • you feel a lot better - mentally and physically - than days when you leave meditation out.


Sounds like a good investment to me!

Remember: 3 times a day is best (soon after arising in the morning, after lunch, soon before going to bed. Even a few minutes is good and 15 minutes is an excellent use of your time.

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