By David Morelli

This video just gets better and better and you listen and experience it. I encourage you to take the time...experience the meditation...think of his suggestions...and think about how this relates to what you've learned in Silva. You already have the tools - and more! - that he's talking about.  Blessings...

taken from the FinerMinds FinerMinds Team February 23, 2011

As many of you might know, last December, we hosted a personal growth getaway on the pristine beaches of Costa Rica called AwesomenessFest. About 200 people passionate about self development and spirituality came together, connected, and shared their learnings.

So for those who couldn’t join us, I wanted to share one of the best rated speeches at AwesomenessFest. It’s by psychic, David Morelli. He’s incredibly successful, having hit 2 million-dollar businesses over the past couple years and his radio show podcast, Everything Is Energy (hosted by him and his wife, Kristin) is the #3 show on iTunes just behind Oprah Winfrey and Marianne Williamson.

And he achieved all this using his intuition. Check out this video and if you want to skip straight to the meditation at the end, fast forward to the minute 22:33.



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