Can Silva Heal Me? Part 1

In 20 years' experience as a Silva Method instructor, I've heard this question many times and it's a challenge to answer.  Why? Because the answer is both Yes and No.


Let me explain.


Firstly, the No answer: Silva doesn't heal anybody. YOU heal yourself by using whatever method(s) you choose - Silva tools, prayer, medical professionals' care, supplements, etc.


Secondly, the Yes answer: if you've read any of the books about Jose Silva's work, listened to the CD programs about Silva or you're a Silva Graduate - you know there are specific tools in the courses which are designed to help you heal / maintain health. 


But... let's go further. I'd like to give a rough analogy. 


          Let's pretend that you'd like to be an Olympic ski competitor. Specifically, the downhill. This is your Desire.

          But you don't know how to ski! You think you can but you're not totally convinced. Your Belief is weak.

         You find an instructor and sign up for lessons. You buy your gear. You learn as much theory as you can and you practice, practice, practice. Your skill is getting better and now your Belief grows stronger.

        As your skill level increases you begin to compete. You do well! Now your Belief is even stronger and so is your Desire. In addition, you're building an Expectation of success.

        With enough practice, dedication and perseverance, your Desire, Belief and Expectancy are super high and you're ready to step up to the Olympic level. 


In Silva classes you learn that Desire plus Belief plus Expectancy is the definition of Faith. 


Faith in the Silva tools and Faith in Yourself!


Now back to the original question: Can Silva Heal Me?


When you take the courses, you learn specific tools which are designed to help you heal / maintain health. When you're a new Graduate, you're like the person who didn't know how to ski, yet desired to become an Olympic ski competitor.


After the courses, you have time to practice regularly. You have time to build your Faith in both the Silva tools and in yourself.  Get rid of a sore throat, a cold a rash or whatever and your Faith grows and grows. You're far more likely to successfully rid yourself of more serious health issues.

On the other hand, if you're already experiencing health challenge(s) then you're most likely also dealing with several low-frequency feelings which can significantly impede your return to excellent health. Feelings such as depression, fuzzy thinking, mental fatigue, and, most of all, fear

If you can get past those low-frequency feelings, then it's possible that your tremendous Desire (your need) to overcome a health challenge can be a powerful ally in recovering excellent health.  If... If...If you can get past fear ... and If...If...If you can Believe it's possible to be successful...and doubt, and If...If...If you allow Expectation of success (return to health) to express itself... then you can possibly get to the 'place' where you have the healing you desire.

In the Silva Life System class there may be time to explore this further. Definitely this discussion is an option in a Follow-up Call. 


I've had amazing success using Silva tools for health. Absolutely amazing success! If you know me, you know I've had two major injuries in the last 20 years and, if not for Silva, my on-going life experience would have been severely diminished. (If you're interested in details, contact me.)


My recommendation is take the classes, practice regularly, grow your Faith, keep yourself healthy - through Silva and congruent physical choices.

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