Can Silva Heal Me? part 2

If you've already read Part 1 (if you haven't please read it before this) you know that the answer to the question 'Can Silva Heal Me? is both Yes and No.

I'll address the Yes answer here.with a brief discussion of two techniques used to help heal / maintain excellent health.

People often ask how Silva works and, since they incorrectly assume that Silva is 'just another meditation program', they quickly add that they "try and try and try" to meditate with varying outcomes... usually not satisfactory experiences.

When I hear the word 'try' - particularly repeated use of the word - I know they're at least mostly, if not completely, unsuccessful. Why? Because the word 'try' indicates exertion of a physical form of energy and that's not the energy that's effective in mental endeavor. (Notice I didn't say work because that is physical energy, too.)

Relaxation and intention help you into the meditative state and then attractive energy is what brings results.

What is 'attractive energy'?

Think of it like the magnetic pole that attracts iron filings. The magnet does nothing except sit there in its field ... attracting the iron filings.

How does that work with us? Just as an example: when we're relaxed, in a meditative state, free of angst, worry and doubt, we can use a terrific Silva technique / tool we call The Mirror of the Mind... MoM, for short. It culminates invisualizing the desired outcome which then acts as an attractive energy. **

The MoM - included in the Silva Life System course - is one of the Silva tools which are. among many options, tremendously effective in the Healing process.

In the Silva Intuition System, a primary focus is on using our intuition to identify health challenges... like a broken bone, an illness, etc. Then, the next step is to use the power of our mind, our imagination, to attract a change to health.

Of course, both techniques are useful to maintain excellent health.

I can't wait to share these techniques with you!  For information about Silva programs, go to my website

** It's important to take physical actions congruent with our desired outcome / our visualization.

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