Caseworking -- Associated Info You Need to Know

The following are points to keep in mind when doing caseworking:

* We DO NOT diagnose.

   That includes not telling the 'subject' of the case "what I got".  That could be seen as practicing medicine.

   What we DO is conduct remote viewing investigations in order to detect abnormalities and correct them at a distance.

* Every experience you have is beneficial. Your experiences help you to refine your process.

* Caseworking is designed to give you evidence of the power of your mind when detecting information remotely.

* DO NOT do caseworking on anyone who is present in the room with you.

* DO NOT use yourself as a case during a session.

* Anyone may reject a case if they're uncomfortable with it for any reason. In fact, they are not required to give a reason.

* Avoid negative thoughts and speech when the psychic is at their Level.

* It's recommended that we work on our family every evening.

     In addition to the caseworking protocal, the Universal Mold and the Blue-White Light are wonderful tools for this.

* The final image of the 'subject' is always that of a healthy subject.

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