Communicating with Higher Intelligence

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In this issue we will get a glimpse of how Jose Silva's understanding evolved in regards to communicating with higher intelligence.


Mr. Silva said that "All scientific conclusions are semi-conclusions. You get a more powerful telescope, a more powerful microscope, you can learn more."


Here is something he wrote several years before he developed the UltraMind ESP System and the revolutionary MentalVideo Technique, which gave him what he had long sought: A reliable way to obtain information, help, and guidance from higher intelligence.


Here is the early concept regarding how we get help from the other side... the "semi-conclusion" from Jose Silva:


(Editors Note: When more of the picture was revealed to him, he realized that we must go even deeper than we can go consciously, because we need to use the "Delta Doorway" to the other side to communicate with higher intelligence...)



by Jose Silva


I believe that we were placed on this planet for a purpose.


Whoever put us here must have had some reason. Whoever put us here, I refer to as higher intelligence...So what am I supposed to do while I am here? There must be some reason I am here. What should I be doing?


It makes sense that if somebody sent me here, it would probably be to help correct problems. That is our reason for being here, our purpose in life. Here is why I believe this:




It seems like we haven't finished the evolutionary process yet. We are still inventing things to make life better, and there seems to be more that needs to be done. So perhaps I'm here to correct problems.


That does make sense doesn't it? If you are employed by somebody, they employ you to do a good job. If you do a good job they pay you for it. If you don't do a good job, they'll quit paying you for it, won't they?

If you do an outstanding job, they'll promote you. They will give you more responsibilities - and more pay. You will enjoy life that much more, you will get more satisfaction.


The more problems you solve, the more rewards you are going to get. It sure seems to work like that, in life as well as in business.




What happens if we are creating problems?


I am out there creating problems, why should higher intelligence even want me around?


Maybe that's why people who create problems end up having so many problems. Maybe not at first, but sooner or later that law of cause-and-effect seems to balance out.


This approach has worked for me for my entire life. And it has worked for Silva Method graduates who apply it for more than a quarter of a century.


When you program to correct problems, and keep in mind what your needs are, plus a little bit more, then you will get everything you need to continue to be successful and happy.




If you want to know how to carry out your purpose in life, then enter your level and ask. You will get answers.

It is important to ask at deep levels. Practice the Long Relaxation Exercise (Silva Centering Exercise) - relaxing parts of your body, then relaxing your mind, until you are very deeply relaxed both physically and mentally.


From this deep level, you will get in touch with your "higher self" as some people call it. I call it the other side. On the other side - in the spiritual dimension - I believe that there are beings who have been assigned to help us.

These beings are not limited by time and space the way that we are. They have access to more information than we do. They can formulate better plans than we can.


So enter your level. Deepen that level by using any of the deepening exercises as you learned in the course (relaxation, countdowns, etc.)

And ask what you should be doing here.


Find something to do that is of a constructive and creative nature, then do it, and all things will be added unto you.

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