'Deep Dive' Into Silva 2019

Congratulations Silva Graduates! Each of you has completed the Silva Method program - whether the Basic or the Life System and the Intuition System.


As recent Grads, you have a brand new shiny toolbox with many tools inside. Tools you can use in unlimited ways! Which tool is bright and shiny from frequent use since it's a favorite. Is there more than one you use often?


Some of us may look at our toolbox and realize there are some tools we've never used... they're sort of dusty. That's okay. Sadly, some of our tools may be rusty. Ever wonder what you could do with those... how your life could be better and better through their use?


Now is the time to get your tools and shine them up at the 'Deep Dive' workshop!


Come to historic Story, Wyoming May 18-19 for a 1 ½ day workshop

'Deep Dive' workshop investment $159


Let's get together and share encouragement, accolades, stories and ideas. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a supercharged toolbox.


We'll sleep and play at Story Pines Inn - check their website at www.storypinesinn.com

When you call 307-683-2120 to make your reservations ask for Paula

Room rate is $89+tax/night for 1 or 2 people (You can split the cost with a buddy.)

5 rooms available - each room is available for 2 people


Reservations must be made before May 1. Class size minimum is 8 and maximum is 12.


Register for the 'Deep Dive' workshop on my website.


This is not a repeat of the class. We do have a shortened repeat of several Techniques such as

   Dream Recall & Use

   Glass of Water


   MOM (Mirror of the Mind)

   Healing technique

   Lab & Counselors - How would you use this?

     For instance...

     forgiveness - whether person has passed over or not

     clear up misunderstandings, improve relationships

     meet with your 'lost' loved one

     creativity - meet with your favorite artist

     travel in time

     divine guidance


We'll have a new technique!


Debrief and discussion each session - sharing stories, sharing ideas, sharing a need.


Final Session of the workshop: Make up your own technique!


Contact me at 253-225-9731 for more information. 

Or email


Have a better, better and better day, in every way.


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