Do You Doubt Your Programming?

Here's a short post to address a HUGE topic...

People sometimes tell me they don't use their programming techniques because they don't think they can be successful.
Doubt rears its ugly head!

Some people say they didn't have success with their programming because ( insert any excuse )
Doubt again!

The truth is 'When you doubt, you wipe it out!'

IT is your programming.

So ... are you stuck? Is it hopeless? What can you do about doubt?

The answer is so simple ... Include the doubt in your Blue-Framed Mirror and wipe it out along with the problem situation.

In the future if you find yourself in a state of doubt once more, go back to your Blue-Framed Mirror and re-program making sure to use the current situation (because you probably have already made progress to your goal) and the doubt. Then wipe it out... out of 3D reality.

Enjoy your success!

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