Getting Your Meditation To Work Better and Better

How's your meditation working for you? IS it working at all?

When you meditate and ask a question, do you always get an answer?

Write out both question and answer. This helps you be clear.
Trust that you always get an answer. However it may not be immediate. It could even be several days coming!
If you feel you must prod it's arrival, ask again.

Does it always make sense to you?

You may need more information.
Ask for clarification.

Is it just blank and dark? No answer comes?

You may need to go deeper.
 Count yourself down or use your breath to carry you to a different level.

Or you may choose to 'ask' in a different way, different words, a different question.

Remember: The quality of your answer is governed by the quality of your question.

Let it 'simmer' - sometimes you need to wait for the meaning of the answers you get. Patience may not be easy but it's often what's needed.

If there's any action to be taken, do it!

When you act on what you've received, you get more information ... more Guidance.

Taking the Silva Life System and Intuition Training courses are invaluable for learning how to meditate and how to manage your meditation. See you in class!


Barbara Hawkins


"The only valuable thing is intuition." Albert Einstein

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