Heart-Connected Communication and Inner-Ease

With the increasing energetic modulations of the planetary shift, communications with others can be more challenging at times. Many people report that they are becoming more susceptible to irritation, frustration and impatience within themselves and in communications with others. Much of this stems from us adjusting to the speed-up of incoming universal energy, which is replacing the old paradigm of separation with heart-based connection. 

As we embrace each other as aspects of ourselves through heart-connected communication, this helps to balance and integrate the new energy — while creating a higher frequency field environment that helps others also integrate the new energy more easily. 

Now through the New Year, let's spend a few minutes each day breathing love into the global field environment. While breathing love, visualize humanity increasingly connecting with each other from the genuine heart, with non-judgment and compassion. See yourself practicing inner-ease through the day, which creates more flow in your interactions and choices. 
Practicing inner-ease also helps keep the heart open, which facilitates the needed balance between the mind and emotions, especially as everything seems to be speeding up. When our mind and emotions are aligned with the heart, it increases our intuitive discernment resulting in higher choices as we navigate and create through life’s experiences and communications. 

Including our heart's intelligence in all things especially helps balance and strengthen our personal energy field, and is a proactive contribution to the global energetic environment. 
These practices can help reduce much collective and personal stress along with helping to raise our individual coherence baseline. 

You can join with others around the world in the Global Care Room as you breathe love into the global field environment to facilitate heart-connected communication and inner-ease. To access the room, just log in www.glcoherence.org and click on the enter button on your My Member page. Thank you for providing energetic care and support. 

The GCI Staff 

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