How "Thank You X 5" – Giving Thanks - Feels Good

So let’s begin …

Grab a paper and pen or a new document on your desktop, then list these five things:

1. Health

2. Relationships and Family

3. Work/Career

4. Fun-Time

5. Stuff

Now, for each of these five parts of your life, list at least five things you’re grateful for. If you want to go totally wild and list more, go for it! The more things you find to feel grateful for, we promise you, the better you’re going to feel.

Once you’ve got your list, send us your five favorite “Woohoo, hallelujah, thank you, thank you, thank you!” favs.

Here’s our top five:

1. Health

As one FinerMinds reader likes to remind himself when life seems less than ideal: We’re all still “walkin’ talkin’ seein’ and peein”.

2. Relationship and family

Between the FinerMinds team, we’ve got 8 healthy parents, two happy, healthy kids, four loving partners/spouses, a good handful of wise elders and too many inspiring friends to count. We also have all of you – the FinerMinds community – and for that, on this and every day, the FinerMinds team is truly thankful!

3. Work/career

Well let’s face it, a career focused on mind-blowing awesomeness is nothing to sneeze at. We know how fortunate we are to have careers we enjoy. But none of us here started with the ideal, so we’re thankful, too, for all of the jobs that supported us and gave us the skills we needed to do what we’re doing now.

4. Fun-time

Let’s see … birthday parties and beaches, good jokes and kind gestures, awesome comments and bad jokes that make us laugh anyway. Oh! and we can’t forget roller coasters and ice cream!

5. Stuff

The internet and iPods, reliable cars and cozy slippers, safe drinking water, sunshine, walkin’ shoes and of course, turkey dinners.

Your turn!

We know sometimes the holidays can bring people down. We also know that down can turn to UP with a thanks-giving rampage!

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