How To Align With Your Sacred Life Agenda

by Barbara Hawkins

At some point in your life you probably became aware that spiritual growth is not only desirable, it's possible. Yes, you can align yourself with your life's sacred purpose and meaning. A true spiritual transformation!

Have you been successful doing that? Are you confident that you're aware, in touch with, your purpose and meaning? Has your life been transformed? If not, do you doubt that it can happen?

Let the doubt go and know that this spiritual transformation IS possible! You truly can move into an alignment with Spirit knowing that every day you're walking the path you set out to fulfill the day you were born...your Life Agenda or Life Contract or Life Purpose or whatever you choose to call it.

If you've ever had the sense that 'everything in your life is just flowing perfectly' you've been in the energetic flow for your Life Agenda. (Or the opposite, that 'nothing is going your way' then you've experienced being out of alignment with the energy of your Life Agenda.)

This goes way beyond 'living in the now' or 'experiencing the moment'.

I'm talking about walking the way of your personal Life Agenda, hand in hand with Source.

Imagine...every day you're in complete alignment with your Source.

Imagine...every day you experience the 'flow state' which tells you that indeed you ARE walking the energy of your Life Agenda.

Imagine...knowing that any time you need guidance from Greater Wisdom, you have it.

Easy? Well, yes or no, depending on how you look at it. It doesn't require a degree in astrophysics or contemplation on a mountain top for 50 years. Thank goodness!

It is possible through deep, committed intention. Intention to be aligned with Source and fulfill your Life Agenda.

How is the big question, isn't it. There are some simple things you can incorporate into your day that keep you 'on the path'.


Well, yes. However you'll find that by doing this your day actually goes much better, easier, more successfully, and definitely more joyfully.

Every morning spend about 15 minutes, with eyes closed, to relax.

Feel yourself relaxing deeper as time passes, moving into a sacred space.
Are you in alignment with your Life Agenda?
Think about the coming day: How does it fit into your Life Agenda?
What opportunities do you have to make your life better?
What opportunities do you have to make someone else's life better?

In mid-day take a few minutes...5 or think about how your day is going?

Are you on track?
What would you like to change for your afternoon? evening?
What opportunities have presented themselves which will allow you to improve the general atomosphere? another person's day? or even their life?

In the evening use about 15 minutes or so to think over your day.

Ask yourself how you think 'things went'.
Did your day go as expected?
What would you change if you could? How?
Did your day express your Life Agenda?
Did you, and do you, feel alignment with Source?
What seems to be an obstacle to 'living your alignment' and your Life Agenda?
Do you need to release something in order to move forward?
Would it benefit you to bring into your life a new activity in order to move forward?

You may have other questions.

Perhaps you'll 'structure' these times differently i.e. take more time in the morning for deeper thinking instead of using the evening.

Do it however you choose - just DO IT. You'll find your life goes so much better, so much more peacefully and joyfully. (Some people call this prayer, others call it meditation or even programming. It really doesn't matter what you call it.)

Remember: Your Life Agenda was ultimately created by YOU.

Yes, with assistance. But it was not forced on you. Which means that you and only you, are responsible for your it's going, what you accomplish in spiritual growth as well as your physical life.

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