How to Be Your Own Psychic

 In this article, Jose Silva urges us to stop paying commercial psychics when we are perfectly capable of doing it for Jose Silva


     You don't need to pay a commercial psychic to tell you about your past.


     You can learn to be your own psychic and make correct decisions for your future.


     "Psychic hotlines" have become very popular in the United States, with hundreds of thousands of people every week paying almost $5 per minute to talk to the telephone psychics.


     For a flat fee, you can probably find a local psychic that you can go see in person.




     We know both kinds. They call us here at Silva International because they know that we have conducted more research on psychics than anybody else, and more importantly, we understand the process so well that we can train anyone to be a psychic.


     We've had telephone psychics admit to us that they often just listen and provide comfort to callers. Many times, the callers want an audience more than they want an answer.


     When you sit down in front of any good commercial psychic, they can tune in to you and tell you about many of the things that have happened to you in the past.


     The past has already been impressed on physics, so it is relatively easy to detect. In fact, in just one weekend of training, our Silva Method instructors teach large groups of people how to detect existing information.


     But what about the future? After a commercial psychic has impressed you by mentioning several things from your past, can they provide you with reliable predictions of the future? Can they give you information that will help you make better decisions? Can you correct more problems after paying to consult with a commercial psychic?




     If just one out of every five recommendations turns out to be helpful, that's just average. Anyone can do that - by luck alone.


     If they can give you two correct recommendations for the future out of every five, then you know that they have gone beyond mere chance, and are actually using their psychic ability.


     Good psychics can do even better than that. They will be correct three out of five times, or even four out of five times.


     Think about that for a minute: Anybody who can make more correct decisions than incorrect ones is going to be very successful.


     In fact, you can still be pretty successful if you just reach the first step and are correct two out of five times - twice the average of a non-psychic.

     How can this be?




     If you have the ability to determine quickly whether your decision was right or wrong, then you know how to proceed:


     *You can reinforce the correct decisions and keep going.


     *When the decision is wrong, you can stop whatever you are doing and try again.


     In order to do this, you would have to consult the commercial psychic daily - maybe several times a day - to insure that you get information quickly enough to make the necessary adjustments.

     This could get very expensive at $5 per minute, or $50 per sit-down session with a local psychic.

     So why not do it yourself?


     For a modest investment, anyone can take the Silva Method training and learn how to be a psychic. Guaranteed, or your money back.


     You even get to try out your psychic ability during the final portion of the course. You detect health information with your mind about people that you have never met, and verify that you are correct!


     Then, all you need to do is to practice in order to develop skill at detecting any kind of information that you need in order to correct problems.


     Will this help you win the lottery? Probably not. It seems as though the creator gave us these abilities to use to correct problems and make the world a better place to live.


     If winning some money is the best way to correct a specific problem, then you'll probably win some money. But something like this will come naturally - if it comes at all; we don't scheme and program for it to happen.


     We program to correct a problem.




     We don't use our psychic ability for everything, of course. When your car is low on gasoline, that's a problem. The solution is to go to a gas station and put in some gasoline. Normally, you don't need anything extra to correct that problem.


     But supposed when you get there, the gas station is closed. And the gas gauge is on empty.


     Now you have a bigger problem.


     You did what you normally do to take care of the situation, and it didn't work. Now you need to call on your psychic ability for extra help:


     Which way should I go to find the nearest - open - gas station, so that I don't run out of gas and get stranded?

     In situations like this, if you are right more times than you are wrong, you will be much better off.

     If you are a parent and you encounter a problem with your child, you counsel them and solve the problem.


     If your counseling doesn't solve the problem, then you use your psychic ability to gain more information so that you can do a better job.


     Does this guarantee that you will correct the problem?

     No, it doesn't. Even the best psychics are sometimes wrong. They may be right four out of five times, but this still leaves some times that they are wrong.




     If you are your own psychic, you will discover very quickly that your strategy is not working. Then, armed with this additional information, you will use your psychic ability again and you will probably come up with the correct answer.


     If you have to wait until you can contact your commercial psychic, then at the very least, it will take longer to correct the problem. And during that time, the situation may get worse.


     It is obvious that you will do better functioning as your own psychic than by going to a commercial psychic, even if the commercial psychic is more experienced than you are, and is correct more often then you are.


     Your ability to use your psychic ability at any time you need it, to incorporate new information, and to make changes "on the fly" so to speak, is far more valuable to you and to your loved ones than the "expert" guidance of a commercial psychic.


     That still doesn't guarantee that you'll solve that particular problem, of course. Everyone has free will. When you are dealing with other people, you cannot control what they do.


     If we could control other people, this could lead to huge problems, with everybody trying to control everybody else. No, that just wouldn't work. We need everybody's efforts, everyone's ideas and input in order to correct the problems that the world faces.




     If you want to improve your life, to be more in control of your own destiny, to be healthier, happier, and more successful, then there is a simple solution:


     Attend the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series, or the new Silva UltraMind ESP System, to develop your psychic ability.


     Then practice, practice, practice.


     Correct problems whenever you become aware of them.


Not just your own problems, but any problems that you become aware of.


     Use your psychic ability:


     *first to obtain additional information so that you can make correct decisions, and


     *second, to program - project your mind - and correct the problems that you detect.


     It is easy. For an investment that is just a fraction of what people are paying commercial psychics for the limited help they can provide, you can attend the Silva Method training.


     Then join with other Silva Method graduates to develop your ability by correcting problems, and make this a better world to live in.


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     Please be sure to check in at our online alumni association clubhouse from time to time - - and take advantage of the resources available there.

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