How to Create Consciously

originally posted on 1-26-14

Many of us have dabbled with manifesting our intentions. Yet we have probably had sporadic results. In most cases, this is because we are attempting to simply work with the energy of creation rather than actually working from this universal creative force. You see while we manifest physically, it all starts at the energy level of pure potential. And while we can hold our own individual intentions, the greatest success will come when we consciously co-create in partnership with the intelligence of this pure potential.

When working with this energy of pure potential it is important to understand it’s an inside job meaning we start within and work to bring that out onto the physical plane. We use both our hearts and our heads – the passion of our feeling hearts and the logic of our thinking minds. In so doing, we open a dialogue and navigate between our physical reality and this energy of pure potential. When we take a holistic view of both, this unified “system” can actually provide feedback and inform the process as it unfolds.

There are just five steps to move ideas into action and bring the energy of pure potential out onto the reality of the physical plane.

Step 1 – Create Space

While it is the obvious first step, many of us forge right into putting our desires out there.

But think about it, how will those desires manifest if we haven’t first created the space for

them? When we desire a change or new situation in our lives it is often necessary to first let something go and create the physical space or time spot for what we desire to exist. Yet, that is not enough. We must also open the energetic space by clearing stale, old intentions and limiting beliefs that are in conflict with our new intentions.

We do this by working at the level of our energy body where these stale intentions are stored. A regular practice of meditation connects you with your higher self, and over time, anything not of that essence is dissolved and released. You can actively engage specific intentions or beliefs you wish to release using visualization to dissolve them from your energy body. If you encounter any ego-bound resistance, it may be necessary to work with an energy healer who can guide you past those blocks.

Step 2 – Set Intentions

Once you have created both physical and energetic space, you can form your intentions that will guide the co-creation process. Think of your intention as a vision statement imagining what you would like to manifest. Now, here’s the tricky part. While it is important to be as specific as possible, you also want to leave room for something even better to emerge in co-creation, as our own vision isn’t always as big as our greatest potential. It is also important to state your intention is the present tense, as if it is already manifest.

Once you have your intention you will need to “install” it in your energy body. You do this while meditating as you tune into your intention, imagining what it would feel like for it to manifest. Bring this feeling down into your heart and imagine propelling it out into the world as you feel all the emotions of it manifesting. You can also create a mental image of your intention and use it to dispel any fears or doubts that might come up along the way.

Step 3 – Explore the Field of Possibility

It’s now time to explore how our intention might manifest. We do that by first engaging

the creative mind, without yet consulting our analytical mind. By doing this we make an

uninhibited exploration of all possibilities before filtering through relevant probabilities. This is the time to draw on the inner knowing of our intuition.

After meditating to access your higher, creative thinking, list every possible way you can

imagine realizing your intention. Be visionary and have fun! Don’t filter any idea at this point, regardless of how unlikely it may seem.

Step 4 – Engage the Planning Mind

Now that you have your visionary list of ideas, you can begin planning. First, organize all

your ideas by grouping similar or related ones together. Then, tune into your body and read through your organized list as you notice which ideas “light up” for you. This indicates where to now focus your attention.

Continue to review your list of possibilities in this conscious manner until they prioritized from strongest to weakest. Now, create a plan for moving forward with your top priorities.

Step 5 – Take Action and Listen!

With your plan developed it’s now time to take action. While you begin this step with an action plan, you are always listening for new information to emerge. Stay connected and sense when you might need to correct course or process any resistance into meaningful change.

In this way you are pulled by an emerging future rather than pushed by an outdated past.

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