How to "Fix" Your Programming

Are you a Silva Graduate? Maybe you've just heard about the Silva courses.


Have you been reading or listening to the Abraham material?


Probably you've read many books and listened to videos about achieving your life's dreams, your greatest desires.  That's what this post is all about.


First, the questions.  Then the answers.


Have you ever 'programmed' for something you dearly win the lottery, have a new car, have plenty of money to pay bills, heal from injury or illness, etc.?


Did the object of your programming seem like your wildest dream come true? Emphasis on "wildest dream" aka fantasy.


Did you at any point doubt the fulfillment of that program?


Thinking about your desire, your dream, how much assurance did you feel at the time of your initial programming?


How did that work out for you?


Lots of questions!



It's essential to identify your desired outcome - The What - not a step along the way.  I think a story may be the best way to clarify what I mean:


Once upon a time (I love a good story, don't you?) a woman took The Silva Method Basic course.  During the class she decided to program for a 2-week trip to Hawaii. What's important for us today is HOW she did it:  she imagined / visualized someone making out a check to her, filling in the amount she thought was appropriate and signing the check.


At the next class she returned, upset and very angry. At the first opportunity she expressed her upset to everyone. 


The lecturer asked her "Tell me what you did." 


She described her programming and also mentioned that she had received the check but had to spend it on a medical bill.


At this point the lecturer pointed out to her that she programmed for the HOW, not the WHAT.


Think about your own programming.  Did you program for the WHAT or the HOW?

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