How to Focus Your Attention at Level

How to focus your attention on whatever you want while you are at level, so that your programming is more effective AND you make sure that you never "doze off" while going to level again.


Written by: Mandy Bass


This one is SO simple you will be startled, but here it is…


Speak out loud!


Don’t worry, you won’t have to shout or even speak in a normal voice tone (unless you want to!), just a whisper is enough to direct your attention.


Here’s why this works so well…


If I asked you think of something, your mind wanders from one thing to another, finding anything to think about.


If I asked you to think of something red, your brain narrows the focus to things that are red.


If I asked you to think of a red delicious apple just picked from a tree and ripe and delicious, your brain REALLY creates something specific. You might even picture the apple vividly enough in your mind so that you salivate.


The WAY that your brain knew to create that image was because the language was a guide for the experience. Now here’s the exciting news. You can direct your own experience with YOUR own language spoken aloud.


So, for instance, if you were programming to have 5 new clients, you could literally sit down, and go to level, and start whispering (or speaking aloud, if you have privacy), “I now see myself receiving one call after another, and I see clients being so interested and impressed that they sign up and I see myself adding five new names to my list. I see them so delighted with my work that they tell their friends how pleased they are, and this spreads positive effects to the community, the state, the country, the world.”


If you were programming to look great in a bathing suit, you could go to level and then literally say (whisper), “I see myself putting on my bathing suit, it fits perfectly and looks great on me, I see myself visiting the beach, and people are noticing how wonderful I look.”


When doing Mirror of the Mind, describe in detail the white-framed image and keep describing it. The more you describe, the more your brain is going to find more details about that image, which makes the image come alive in your mind with vividness and clarity!


Let your OWN words direct the inner movies you see at level. It’s easy and it works!

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