How To Get Guidance From Spirit and Use It

The following is an article by Jose Silva found in a recent edition of the SIGA Success Strategies online magazine.

        ....So, based on my own personal experience, and of my observations of thousands of other people, I believe that when we are centered, then we are guided by high intelligence on the other side.

        ...They send us ideas, when we are at level.

        Our job is to recognize the ideas that come from the other side. We must find a way to distinguish those ideas from our own ideas.

        A sure way to tell is by noticing the results that you get.

        When you are working on a project, you will probably encounter obstacles.

        The first time you encounter an obstacle, notice how long it takes you to deal with it.
         Then the next obstacle you encounter, how long does it take to deal with it? If it takes twice as long, this might be a sign from the other side that you are going in the wrong direction.

        If it takes half as long to solve the problem, then this could be a sign that you are moving in the right direction.

        Keep going. When you encounter another obstacle, does it take more time or less time to deal with it?

        If the obstacles continue to become more and more difficult, and take longer to remove, then you are probably going in the wrong direction. If you take two steps backward for every one step forward, you are losing ground.

        Enter your level. Analyze the project. Figure out what you must do so that you take two steps forward for every one step backward. That is the way most projects go:  you encounter a problem, take a step back and then go forward again.

        Then do something different.

        When you are on the right track, your efforts will be rewarded. When you are going the wrong way, you will encounter more obstacles.

        Take the path of least resistance.

        During our research, I did not always know why I was doing certain things, or where it would lead. I just continued to meditate, to work hard, and to take the path of least resistance.

        I always like "lucky coincidences." What that means to me is that God is helping without showing His hand. Now, however, we can see it all. We know how to get help from high intelligence, and know that we are getting it.

        When good things happened during my research, I did more of what I had been doing. When things did not go well, I tried a different path. It paid off then, and that approach still pays off for me today.

        That is not to say that you should be quick to quit. Not at all. We have to prove that we are willing to put forth the effort, that we will accept the responsibility that is given to us.

        But we don't batter down doors. After you have made a good effort, over a period of time, to open a new door in your life, and the door still won't open, then back up, take a deep breath, enter your level, and look around to see if there is another door.

        When you take that one step backwards, you may find a way to take even more than two steps forward before you encounter another problem that you must solve.

        Eventually, when you continue to follow the guidance from the other side, you will find that you do not encounter any more obstacles but go straight to your goal.

        It does not take a great deal of wisdom to be successful when you follow this procedure. All that you really have to do is to do what you are guided to do.

        There was an old joke many years ago. A man went to his doctor with a complaint. The man raised his arm above his head and told the doctor, "Doctor, it hurts when I do that."

        The doctor's solution was very simple: "Then don't do that."

        If you are having problems in your life, then "don't do that." Enter your level and figure out what you can change. Then make the change, and evaluate the results.

        When you find something that makes your life better, then do it.

        We all want to be happy.

        My experience has taught me that happiness comes from solving problems. That's what we were sent here to do.

        When we do it, we will be well rewarded.

        So, enter your level, figure out what you should be doing. Then go do it, and notice the results. If you encounter too many obstacles, and they keep getting bigger and more difficult, then enter your level again and figure out something else to try.

        When things are going well, and you are receiving rewards and incentives, and you are happy, then you know that you are doing what you were sent here to do, and that is to make this planet a better place to live.

        Take it from me: In my 80 years on this planet, I have found that the people who watch out only for themselves might accumulate a lot of things; but the people who work to solve problems feel a lot better about themselves, and are much happier.


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