How to Live a Looong and Happy Life!

In the last few months I've listened to a lot people discuss how long they think they'll live. Inevitably someone says something like 'I don't want to live too long though'.  

Right now most authorities say that the ultimate upper range of human life is somewhere between 125 and 150 years. Not sure how they get that number but I'll just go with it. Women in my family routinely have lived to be at or near 100 so I have a really positive attitude about my longevity.

So...what is too long to live and how do you know when you've reached it?

Most people say that they don't want to live any longer than their good health and physical body last. Living just for the sake of breathing is no great thing for most of us.

But is this the only determining factor? 

One of the most important things I've learned is that people can outlive their time, their relevance. All or most of their family has transitioned, childhood friends have too. There are so many new types of technology that it seems like living in a Star Trek movie! The intense work to shift mindset and learn the skills necessary to use the 'new gadgets' is off-putting to most. Anything new becomes something to avoid. Relevance in the world lessons and lessons...

How do you stay relevant in life, vibrantly alive and eager to live that longer life?

First the standard response: get healthy and keep healthy - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Pay attention to

  • what you eat
  • how much you eat
  • what kind of movement you get
  • is it enough
  • what are you thinking about
  • how are you thinking
  • maintain good relationships - family and friends
  • quality rest
  • relaxation
  • cutlivating and maintaining quality relationships
  • spiritual practice of the sort that suits you - meditation, prayer, retreat, etc.

Stay relevant! How? By learning new things. Yes it may be intimidating, it may be difficult. Do it anyway!

  • take a class learning something new such as a language
  • arrange to learn how to use a new technology such as a Smartphone, iPod, iPad or whatever
  • deliberately do some activity that takes you into a completely new circle of people
  • make new friends with people in all age groups
  • take time to maintain healthy current relationships
  • push your boundaries by doing somthing you've never done and probably thought you couldn't

What does this do for you? These activities and others keep you interested and interesting! You'll look at a birthday with delight because you know there will be cards, calls and maybe even when you were 6 years old. What fun! Who wouldn't like that?!

Ask yourself: 

What can I do this week or month that pushes my boundaries and keeps me relevant?

Even more importantly:

What can I do that makes my life richer, more fun and more rewarding?

Go do it!

Better & Better...

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