How to Make Your Quality of Life Better and Better

I'd like to share a story about a young lady's experience.

My daughter "was having some problems feeling left out and not part of her friends’ group so I told her to use mirror of the mind to create the relationships she would like to have. The next day after school, she greeted me full of excitement and said “it worked”. As soon as she got to school that morning, her friend (who has been ignoring her for several months) ran up to her with a big hug and included her in lots of activities. In PE that day she was asked by 2 different teams to join them in the beginning of picking their players (usually she is one of the last people to get picked). That was so exciting to see that it worked so easy for her and gives her a great foundation on the power of Silva. 
Thank you."

What a delight! To know that there's a way to change life experiences for the better...for all awesome. I'm thrilled to be part of relaying that information and more.

Better & Better every day in every way,

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