How to Realize Your Goals

We all have goals whether we admit them to ourselves or anyone else, or not.. The question is, what are you doing about them? Have you written them down? Do you look at them often? Do you talk about them? Do you take action to achieve them?

Setting specific measurable goals is the way to go!

In Jack Canfield’s book "How to Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be" there's a funny / not funny comic: a drawing of a man lying in the road and under it is written, “Encumbered by a low self-image, Bob takes a job as a speed bump.”

Is this you...with a low self-image? If so, you’re probably not putting much effort into setting goals because you probably believe you can't have them. You may have a case of speed-bump-itis!

NOTICE:  It’s time to make a commitment with and to yourself. Most every successful person has set specific goals and then taken action - one step at a time - to achieve them. If they can do it, so can you.

1. Have a Goal Journal

Expensive or inexpensive, pretty or just aplain pad of paper, the important thing is that it's dedicated to only one thing: your goals.

2. Create your 'bucket list'

Write at least five, must-do-before-I-die goals, one per page.

3. Take the plunge

Be daring! Be bold! Write down what you really want to be, do and have for your life.

4. Be Specific

Goals are specific. “I want a good car” isn’t a goal. “I will have (a specific make/model) by XYZ date,” is. The more specific you are, the more clearly you program for success.

5. Say them!

Repeat your goals out loud to yourself three times a day, every day.

6. Find a 'buddy'

Find someone you trust to share your goals - an accountability partner. When you actually share your goals with someone else, you make a deeper level of commitment.

7. Take Action

For each goal, write down 5 or more, small, action-steps to take each week reach your goals.

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