How to Reduce Your Stress Quickly and Easily

STRESS - perhaps the biggest challenge we face today ... not the causes of it but the stress itself with all its 'fallout' such as high blood pressure, poor sleep, anxiety and so many other things.


Graduates of the Silva Method courses have a real advantage when it comes to handling stress, it's effects and the situations that have led to it.


For those of you who may have forgotten and for those of you who haven't yet taken Silva courses, let me offer a process that I know works well.


First, identify a thought that's causing or feeding your stress. Usually this is a thought about situations over which you have no direct control.


    Write down this thought, just the thought.


Now draw a big X through the statement and write Cancel, Cancel over it. Yes, it's messy but we're not producing an artwork here!


Using an introductory phrase such as "I love how I feel when ...." or "I wonder how glorious it is going to be when..." or I can't wait to experience..." or an equivalent phrase....


     Now write down a statement that is the direct opposite of the first, stressful thought. This is a thought that produces a calmer, more happy feeling.


Then it's time to use your Silva programming skills to change your feelings at an even deeper level AND to change the stress-inducing situation.


Express gratitude for your new experience. 


When you finish, take a deep breath and enjoy a very large smile. Really feel GOOD - physically, mentally and emotionally - as you know that you're on your way to a better and better life! 


If you need some help doing this, send me an email. I'd love to help!


Better & Better,

Barbara Hawkins

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