How To Stay Healthy And Energized Throughout The Day

Some people wonder how they'll incorporate Silva into daily living. In this video Laura Silva gives us a glimpse of her life and how she uses what her father taught her...what we today call The Silva Method (Silva Life System and Silva Intuition Training).

"How do you usually start your day? What's your routine like, and does it work for you?

Many people find it difficult to believe that I would run a marathon every three weeks. Add this on top of running Silva International and being a loving wife and mother, its no secret that I need to have an endless supply of energy.

For me, it is important to stick to a certain routine to maintain my health, and to always have energy to be able to give more.

I thought I would share how my day looks like. I hope you will enjoy the video and maybe it will help you in some ways too." Laura Silva, from the SilvaLifeSystem blog

Maybe you'll get some ideas like I did. Enjoy! A Day in the Life of Laura Silva


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