Identifying Abundance Blocks With Energy Healer Christie Marie Sheldon

It's so cool to 'meet' Silva Graduates who are using what they learned in the courses along with their inborn skills and abilities. As you watch this video notice where her Silva training shows through. Enjoy!  

by FinerMinds Team  

Awesome News Alert! We’re super excited to be bringing you an exclusive interview between Vishen and renowned Energy Healer, Christie Marie Sheldon.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes, it doesn’t seem to matter how hard you work or how much you count the pennies, things are always a bit tight at the end of the month? According to Christie, the key lies in overcoming the hidden Abundance Blocks that lurk within your energy field and subconscious mind.

Now, we’ve never seen Vishen at a loss for words before, but the (personal) things Christie’s been able to pick up about him have actually made him dumbstruck. She’s picked up on things that he’s never even shared with his closest friends – it’s pretty incredible. What Christie does (as she explains it) is communicate with someone’s energy to find out the source of the problem. Even right down to specific events and dates in a person’s life.

Check out this exclusive interview as Vishen finds out how she’s able to do this and how she got started on her path as an Energy Healer.

(psst, don’t miss him getting his energy read about half way through!)


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