Improve Your Creative Visualization With The “Image Streaming” Technique

by Vishen Lakhiani February 8, 2011

At FinerMinds and MindValley we do everything to try and connect with our readers and customers. We’re always wondering what’s on your minds and how we can better help you, so we begin creating a series of videos to help answer your biggest questions.

At our sister sites, such as the American Monk, Silva Life System, and Quantum Jumping, one of the biggest questions we get asked is, “How can I improve my creative visualization?” It makes sense that this question comes up since most personal growth techniques and courses advocate creative visualization.

So to help answer the question (you’re probably thinking it too), check out the video below. I teach a technique called Image Streaming that will help you improve your ability to visualize.


Go here to watch this creative visualization video on YouTube

If you guys have any other big burning personal growth or spirituality questions, please drop a comment and share. I’ll try to answer the most asked ones.

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