Influence of Magnetism in the Human Body

(Excerpt from the book "Magnetotherapy" by Dr. H. L. Bansal.)


Scientists and medical specialists today have proven that the human body is a true source of magnetic fields, generated by different organs, such as the heart, brain, nerves, muscles and other tissues.


Clinical studies conducted by many medical institutions have shown that magnetic fluxes promote health, while providing extra energy, eliminating various disorders in the various operating systems of the body, stimulating blood circulation and regenerating tissues through cell reproduction.


Although sometimes difficult to understand, the human organism is absolutely capable of healing most of its diseases by itself, and the best remedies and doctors only serve to complement, strengthen and channel their own healing powers. The magnetic flux also constitutes a therapeutic instrument, but it has the additional advantage of being able to stimulate the self-healing properties of the body. The magnetic fields penetrate deep into the muscles, tissues and bones, relaxing the nervous tensions, thus allowing the body to resist the onslaught of diseases, and accelerate its recovery from efforts and fatigue.


Summary of the beneficial influence of magnetism


The displacement of hemoglobin in the blood vessels accelerates considerably, while the calcium and cholesterol deposits in the blood decrease. Adhesions of other undesirable materials to the inner walls of veins and arteries, the main cause of arterial hypertension, also decrease. The blood is purified, and the circulation is lightened, facilitating cardiac activity, and eradicating fatigue and pain.


The functions of the autonomic nervous system are regularized, so that the internal organs that control recover their normal functioning.


Hormonal secretions are stimulated, making the skin gain shine and flexibility, maintaining youth. At the same time, all the dysfunctions motivated by hormonal deficiencies are alleviated and cured.


Blood and lymphatic circulations are activated in general, and consequently, all nutrients reach tissue cells more easily and efficiently, normalizing the general metabolism.

Magnetic waves penetrate the skin, tissues and bones, invigorating the organs behind them, resulting in great resistance to diseases.


Magnetic flow stimulates the recovery of health and provides additional energy, eliminating organic disorders and regulating the functions of various body systems, such as circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive and urinary.


Magnetic treatments operate by reforming, reviving and accelerating cell growth, rejuvenating different tissues, strengthening and renewing dormant corpuscles, and increasing the number of white and red blood cells.


The self-healing properties of the body are remarkably renewed and enhanced, which ensures the persistence over time of all the benefits mentioned so far.


The magnetic field produced by an electromagnet can be fixed or variable, but some experts believe that variable magnetic fields work better, and their effects are faster. The reason for this apparently lies in the cyclical change in polarity that vigorously agitates cells and tissues, generating a more active therapeutic effect than fixed magnetic fields.


When a variable magnetic field is applied on a diseased area, the organism receives these electromagnetic "hits" that penetrate deep into the bones, the medulla and the tendons, providing an appreciable relief and a sedative effect on the muscles and nerves.


ALPHA SOUND generates a variable magnetic field at 10 cycles per second, which is a harmonic vibration, similar to the vibration of the planet (Schumann waves) that regulate all our biological rhythms.


The functions of the autonomic nervous system are regularized, so that the internal organs that control recover their normal functioning.


When there is disharmony among the children, (brothers, friends) it is placed in the environment and in 15 or 20 minutes all the brains harmonize their rhythm and calm down.


To study (keeps the brain at slow frequencies that improve student performance.)


To relax (The brain tends to copy that vibration and relaxes easier)


For fractures, the bone is welded in half the time. (use at least 3 times per day 20 minutes each time)


Calm all kinds of pain by placing it on the area at maximum level and without drowning the sound.


In post-operative, the wound heals faster, less painkillers are needed, and infections are avoided


For arthritis, it calms pains, deflates the joint and improves the disease. (use a minimum of 3 times per day, 20 minutes each time, in each affected area)


The Alpha Sound device has the double effect, the magnetic field generated through the speaker's magnets goes through the body and accelerates the body's healing processes, and in turn, the sound causes our brain to copy that vibration and relax.


José Silva said: "The Alpha Sound NORMALIZES THE ABNORMAL"


Uses of Theta Sound: (5 cycles per second)


The Silva Graduates use it to program results at deeper levels of consciousness, where they are in a better mental state to perceive information from the Universe. Use it also for physical pain, placing the machine on the area with pain and leaving it on for 15 minutes or more.


1. In surgery, anesthesia leads us to press the Theta frequency and listening to this sound, takes our brain to deeper levels, which is used to relieve pain.


2. If we want to produce changes in attitudes, reactions, aspects of personality or achieve forgiveness when it becomes less easy; at this deep level the images of change with the new behavior must be created. Through the repetition of these images we manage to generate a new neural network that will produce the new behavior, achieving the desired changes.


3. It is also used to solve problems or achieve goals, creating the necessary images in the correct brain vibration.


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