Inner House Keeping – 5 Steps To Clear Limiting Beliefs

by FinerMinds TeamFebruary 21, 2011


You’ve got the tapes, you do the meditations, you think positively, you say affirmations, you look for things to appreciate, you exercize, eat right and have cut down on the booze or other bad habits. You’re so close – so close. Yep, you can almost taste it. But still, the things you want to be, do and have seem a long way away from where you stand right now …

If these words are hitting home for you, maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper – below your conscious mind and into the subconscious – so you can clear limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Here’s a 5-Step process that really works wonders when you do it right (and it’s not hard to do it right).

Name ‘em

The first thing you want to do to clear limiting beliefs is to give them names. This will take a little digging and examining first, but when you get a good ‘bead’ on the limiting belief, give it a name like this: “the mind of the …” So if your limiting belief has to do with personal power (or lack there-of), you’d give this belief the name “The Mind of the Powerless One”. If it has to do with love, you could name it “The Mind of the Loveless One”.

Un-claim ‘em

The next step is to un-claim these mindsets as you. They’re not you, they’re mindsets. And how do you ‘un-claim’ them? With words or pictures. If you use words, you’d say this: “She [or he] has nothing to do with who I AM.” If you’re a visual person, you could draw pictures – one of you and one of each of the mindsets – as clearly separate and distinct from you (and preferably smaller :))

Don’t Blame ‘em

Aha – now the tricky part! Instead of pushing against or trying to blame these mindsets for all your problem, the power of this exercise comes when you embrace them. Yeah, you read that right: embrace them. Here’s why. These mindsets developed for a reason, and that reason had something to do with your needs at the time. So if, for example, you felt powerless as a child, some part of you said, “well, okay, so I’m powerless. It sucks, but this is what life is so I guess I have to deal with it and stop worrying about it.” And that’s what you did. It may have worked to help you cope with being powerless when you were young, but now, it just acts like a devil that undermines you every time you try to be power-FUL.

Thank ‘em

Thought the tough part was over? Nope. This is the key step – to uncover all the ways these mindsets served you over the years. Psychologists call these ‘secondary gains,’ and a great example is when someone gets lots of attention for a problem. This step is about owning your part in allowing these mindsets to continue. It’s not fun, but boy when you do it, the relief and freedom is awesome!

Set ‘em Free

Here’s the fun part. Once you’ve named, un-claimed, removed blame and said your thanks, you get to set them free :) The best way to do this is to simply proclaim “I send you back to source.”

All Together Now

Okay, now that you’ve got the steps, let’s put it all together (one mindset at a time, please). If you use words, it will sound like this:

“I embrace the Mind of the [fill in the blank]. S/he has nothing to do with who I am, but s/he has served me well. S/he has [make your list here ...]. I thank you for helping me when I needed you, and now I send you back to source. I am free to live.”

Give this a try the next time a limiting belief rears its ugly head. Then let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below. Happy Inner House Keeping!

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