Intuition First Guided Jose Silva to Recognize Value of the Alpha Brain Wave Frequency

From the SIGA Success Strategies online magazine.


It might have been his intuition that first guided Jose Silva to recognize the value of the 10 cycles per second alpha brain wave frequency, but he soon found more scientific evidence to support his belief that it is extremely valuable.


Here is what he had to say about it:


Alpha functioning, by Jose Silva


When a person is taught to function at the correct brain frequency, the brain frequency that has been named "alpha" by scientists, the person can use the right brain hemisphere to be healthier, happier, and more successful.


Alpha covers a range between 7 and 14 cycles or Hertz per second - the vibration of the electrical energy of the brain. The center of Alpha would then be 10.5, but it is known as Alpha 10 cycles or Hertz per second.


Another area where this 10 Hertz Alpha is mentioned is in Astronomy. It has been said that the space formed between the earth and the ionosphere forms a resonating cavity pulsing magnetically at 10 Hertz per second. This magnetic pulsing energy is now considered a fundamental universal life producing energy.


In the human brain we find electricity, magnetism and chemistry. Experiments conducted with the 10 Hertz magnetic field has been proven to excite, to stimulate the atomic particles in matter.


When a person has learned to function consciously at a brain frequency of 10 Hertz, that person is in harmony with the universal energy in space.


When a person is in resonance with the universal energy in space, subatomic particles in the person's body chemistry are being stimulated, excited.


This excitation is passed on to the immune system who controls body chemistry, strengthening the immune system.


A person staying in harmony with universal energy for 15 minutes a day is therapeutic and healthy. When this is done it will maintain a person in good health.


When a person is sick, depending on the seriousness of the problem, one, two, and even three 15-minute sessions of mental exercises may be advised for healing.


Using the subconscious consciously


When a person is consciously functioning at 10 Hertz, at that time that person, beside being in resonance with universal energy, strengthening the immune system, that person can also use the information stored in the subconscious consciously.


Each brain hemisphere has a set of senses:


*The left has set of objective, physical, biological senses.


*The right has a set of subjective, spiritual senses.


The objective senses detect information and records it on the left brain hemisphere and records a duplicate in the right brain hemisphere.


The subjective senses sense information and records it on the right brain hemisphere, but no duplicate is transferred to the left brain hemisphere. This indicates that there is bound to be more problem solving information in the right brain than in the left.


People without the Silva Method training cannot use the information stored in the right brain, they consider that information to be in the subconscious.


Those who have learned to function consciously at 10 Hertz call that dimension the inner conscious, and they can use the information stored in the right brain hemisphere because for them it is not subconscious, meaning it is not beyond their reach.


This means that the right brain thinker has more information at his disposal for problem solving. A successful person is one who solves more problems and information is needed in problem solving.


The Silva Method is the instrument that helps humanity to transcend genius intelligence and move into the second phase of human development on this planet.

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