Is the Law of Attraction Working for You?

Many people express excitement when they learn about the Law of Attraction…identify what you want in life, think about it, visualize it, and soon it’s yours. Simple, right?

This is exciting stuff, isn’t it! However many of those same people become deflated if their goals and dreams aren’t manifested quickly.

They may be dooming their dreams if they think it’s magic and they don’t need to participate in the process…take action. Patience is important as is persistance.

Soon they join the ranks of the disillusioned…those people who say “It doesn’t work.” or “It doesn’t work for me.”

They’re right and they’re wrong.

First they’re right because anything, any process or technique, cannot work if you quit working it. Being disillusioned or doubtful indicates you’re no longer ‘working’ it.

Secondly they’re wrong because the Law of Attraction always works. Yes, I said always. It cannot not work. That would be like expecting gravity to work sometimes!

The ‘trick’ is to discover where the original idea (desire) came from…or maybe I should say why it came…then notice the thoughts that ride around in the back of the mind. Are those thoughts desperate, needy, panicky, doubting, fearful? If so, then they’ll manifest more of what they currently have.

For instance, if I desperately need a new car and don’t have the resources to meet that need then I may start focusing on having a new car. However, it’s very likely that the underlying feelings of desperation and need will keep on manifesting. Why? They’re probably more powerful!

Compare that situation with a car collector who decides he’d like to have a new car…whether for his collection or personal use. We’ll assume his situation is that of a person who has the resources to buy as he chooses. He decides he desires a particular car, starts shopping around, narrows the choices, and then buys his car. There’s never a doubt in his mind that this car will be his..soon!

When using the Law of Attraction successfully come to your project with the assurance, the knowing, of the car collector.

Happy driving to us all!

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