Is The Right Side Of Your Brain Taking Over?

The New Era Of Creativity

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Editor’s note: Do you consider yourself a creative person? Have your found being creative a help or a hassle in your personal, professional or financial life? Check out what author Laura Silva has to say about the positive future for creatives.

Are The Right Brains Taking Over? The New Era Of Creativity

Peek into any history book and you can see the progression of society. From the stone age to the agriculture age, then with the invention of machines came the industrial revolution. As recently as the early 90’s with the birth of the internet, we entered the stage we have come to know now — the information age.

But some are saying that a new era is dawning upon us. In Daniel Pink’s book “A Whole New Mind — Why Right Brainers Will Rule The Future” — Pink suggests we are moving into a Conceptual Age — characterized by creators and empathizers. According to him “Artists, inventors, designers, storytellers, caregivers, counselors, big-picture thinkers – will now reap society’s richest rewards and share its greatest joys.”

The Conceptual Age

Pink goes on to state that, like in the industrial revolution whern many human jobs were replaced by machines, these days any job that requires logical, analytical left brain thinking is now being replaced by a computer program. Many new professions are changing to right brain professions — and if you’re not creative it could be harder for you keep a job in this new era. The new job market no longer belongs to knowledge workers, but the creative — those who can take the abundance of information and knowledge and create something with intrinsic value. As he puts it

“A funny thing happened while we were pressing our noses to the grindstone: The world changed. The future no longer belongs to people who can reason with computer-like logic, speed, and precision. It belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind. Today — amid the uncertainties of an economy that has gone from boom to bust to blah — there’s a metaphor that explains what’s going on. And it’s right inside our heads.”

Not only “right inside our heads”, but the right hemisphere of our brain — the side responsible for creativity.

For more on the conceptual age, check out Dan’s great article “Revenge Of The Right Brain”.

The Value Of Creativity In The Workplace

This can be exemplified if you take a peak at FastCompany’s top 100 creative people in business in 2010. The top 10 not surprisingly contains a international pop star, film maker and TV producer — but the other 7? Shockingly the top ten rounds out with a Harvard law professor, the CEO of Safeway and top executives from Apple, Nike, Microsoft and Nissan. Proving that the perceived value of creativity has spread to sectors not previously thought of as “creative”.
Improved creativity is not only limited to the job spectrum. Expressing your creativity leads to a more energetic and greater quality of life. This is because when we create things and make things we are expressing ourselves in our truest form.

Creativity Adds Value To Your Life

You can improve your relationships with loved ones through a little creative thinking. Ever find yourself in a rut? Or maybe going through the same arguments over and over again? Simply by flexing your creative muscles you can approach old problems with a fresh outlook. Maybe even surprise your loved ones with a unique surprise that expresses your true feelings and appreciation for them? You can also attract new, exciting people into your life through a little creative efforts.

The definition of creativity is “whereby something new is created that has some kind of value.” The truth is the more creativity you deploy, the more things you CREATE and the more you HAVE! You can create more love, happiness, joy, health or time in your life.

Discovering Your True Self

When you express yourself you journey down the path of self discovery and authenticity. When we create something, we take it from the essence of what we truly believe, feel and think. Creativity is also a spiritual expression, so naturally people who often express themselves creatively feel more self-confident and connected to a higher source.

So maybe creativity isn’t just for art class anymore?

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