Lifelines- 7 Tips To Uplift When Holiday Funk Drags Your A** Down!

by FinerMinds Team December 22, 2010

The Holidays are a time of celebration, family and joy – right? Well, for some folks that's true, but we all know the holidays can be a point-blank bullet for others. From big things like a loss in the family, health problems or divorce, to smaller things like money constraints or stressful family gatherings can all give the blues too big a boost right about now.

So let's not make ‘denial‘ just a river in Egypt. We don't live in the painted-smile la-la land of TV commercials and shopping mall Christmas musak. Here in the real world, the holidays aren't bright for everyone, but anyone can throw a lifeline to someone in need.

Whether you've got holiday sadness creeping into your mood, or you've noticed a Grinch creeping around the office, here are 7 Lifelines that ring with the true spirit of Christmas.

1. A kind word

Reaching out to another in ‘soft' and simple way can uplift you and the other person. A cup of coffee, a compliment on their dress, or a friendly word are all tiny gestures that can go a long way toward the shores of holiday cheer.

2. Exercise

When you exercise two things happen – you get your mind onto other things and you get your ‘feel good' chemicals (endorphins) kicked into action. This is even more important if you're way of coping with the blues is with too much sleep.

3. Curiosity may have killed the cat but …

When you stop believing the unhappy thoughts running circles through your mind and just start watching them – like a curious scientist watching an experiment – they quickly lose their power. Don't believe me? Get curious and try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

4. Keep it simple, smarty (K.I.S.S.)

The decorations, the baking, the cooking, the too-much spending, the last-minute, gotta-get-one-more-thing will drive anyone nuts. So why do we think it's okay during the time of year when we're supposed to relax and take a break? The social pressure to give is blown out of proportion by marketers who want you to buy, not by the peeps you want to gift. So get some perspective, tone down the spending and go for simple, thoughtful gifts. Overextending your credit is sure-fire formula for a very unhappy new year.

5. Give, give, give

No, not stuff. Give your time, your love, your intention. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, offer food to a food drive, donate a toy, write a letter of thanks to 5 people you appreciate, help out at a nursing home, or read a book to kids at the local library. There are tons of ways to give that cost pennies but are worth millions – to you and to those whom you gift. BTW: statistics have shown that there are way too many old folks forgotten during the holidays. Your visit WILL be appreciated.

6. Picky, picky, picky …

is okay, okay, okay when it comes to who you spend your time with. You have every right – in fact, an obligation to yourself – to be with those you can feel good around.

7. "Attitude of Gratitude"

When all else fails – and even if it doesn't, and even if it isn't the holidays – you can never go wrong with gratitude. Make a list of 30 things you appreciate in your life. If you do, not only will you feel a whole lot better, you'll probably find another 30!

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