Manifesting by The Silva Method - Are You "Doing It Right"?

The technique is the Mirror of the Mind. Quick and Easy yet Immensely Powerful!

BEFORE you go into your meditative level, BEFORE you use this technique, take time to

A) clearly identify how your current life just isn't working, specific problems, challenges, opportunities and

B) get a clear sense of how you desire your life to be... how is your life going to be better ... how good you're going to feel ... how good it's going to be.


1. Then go to your Level using the 3 to 1 count followed by the 10 - 1 count. (You can go to your Lab if you'd like.)


2. Face your Mental Screen (on the South wall if you're in your Lab. )


3. See your large Mirror on your screen, framed in blue, directly in front of you.


4. Project onto that blue-framed Mirror's surface an image of your current life pattern situation. I recommend making it a series of images or, better yet, a movie rather than a still picture.

       Include how you feel about it, how you yearn for something different, your frustration, how bad you currently feel about it, your fears, your worries, any doubts you may feel about making this change, etc.


5. When you feel there's not another thing you can add to this scenario, this current situation, then imagine that you erase the image or movie. 

       By doing this you're erasing it from reality!


6. Next, change the color of the frame to white.


7. Move it slightly to your left ... just far enough that you can see it's in a different spot.


8. Now project onto the white-framed Mirror's surface your images, or movie, of your desired outcome ... your life as you desire it to be. All the feelings which accompany this; improved lifestyle; too.


9. When it's exactly the way you like it to be, imagine you approach this 'movie' and step into it! Experience it through all your senses... see it, hear it, feel it... smells and tastes too. Make sure you notice your emotional feelings as well as your physical ones. Really enjoy it!

When you're ready... imagine you step out and look at it again, at least briefly, before turning your attention to something else.


9. At another time, IF you decide to revisit this project (your desired outcome in this white-framed mirror) to add to or change anything,make sure the white-framed Mirror is directly in front of you.


    Remember to add at the end of your programming:  This or something better!

    When you add this phrase you 'give permission' to Spirit to meet your needs even better than you may know.


10. Remember the discussion about Faith = Desire + Belief + Expectancy. Know that this is going to happen soon, virtually any time now. When you think of your 'project' - whether you're at your level or not - think of it with delight and happiness.  


Lastly, remember the  5 Laws of Silva - things that Jose felt are important and seem to be linked to successful programming.  Here's the list:


·         Do to others only what you like others to do to you.

·         The solution must help to make this planet a better place to live.

·         It must be the best for everybody concerned.

·         It must help 2 or more persons.

·         It must be within the ‘possibility area’... in other words, you can believe it can happen.

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