Many Changes for Our Planet

originally posted 2-26-14



2012 brought many changes for our planet, our nation and each person individually. Living today is truly an adventure! Not all "adventures" are fun though. Some are troubling, deeply troubling. Those cause us to take a look at who we are, what we believe and what we're doing.


Here's my point:  As you think of these 'less than desirable' things, be aware, be cautious. Why? Because your thoughts are going to support one of two things: either change to a better status OR continued unpleasantness.


How do you do that? First, make your assessment of both facts and your feelings. Then turn your focus to thoughts / images of how you'd like things to be. KEEP your focus there. As we all do this, our influence and our actions change thus changing the world. Let's make our world better and better!

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