My Purpose

So much interest currently re life purpose and certainly it's mine as well. I was delighted when the Silva Intuition Training was introduced and I saw that it included an exercise on life purpose and another on connecting with source.

I often mention in class that my purpose is two-fold: 

First, I intend to provide the Silva courses regularly and have both new students and Graduates attending.
My part is to get the best training I can and do my best to make both my presence and information about the courses known. This includes quite a bit of time using technology and, in the near future, it will extend to tele-seminars.

Second I intend to do whatever I can to help Graduates effectively use what they learn in the course(s). 
At the end of each class I tell everyone that they're entitled to a free half-hour coaching session. They may choose to extend that relationship for a while -- particularly if they have a special project, a long-term project or multiple projects.

By creating the habit of using Silva techniques on a regular basis, you make them a part of how you live every day. Sooner or later you realize that Silva is part of your life pattern and that's making your life so much easier, fuller and more fun!

More later. In the meantime...

Better & Better,

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