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It must be easier to be negative than to be positive, because so many people are.


Jose Silva was criticized by just about everybody when he began his scientific research into a field that most knew little about.


His friends, his church, the government, even his wife tried to warn him away from conducting his research. But he persisted, and we have the Silva Method today because he did.


Here are some of his thoughts on the matter.



by Jose Silva


Beware of those who try to keep you from learning all that you can, for knowledge is important to us. Ignorance does not exempt us from suffering; but knowledge exempts us from suffering.


Ignorance of the law of gravity will not exempt you from suffering if you jump off a tall building. Knowledge keeps us safe.


From time to time we encounter people who insist that we believe in whatever they tell us to believe, and to avoid what they tell us to avoid.


What do these people fear?


If they have confidence that what they have to say is right and is best, then why should they fear having people seek more knowledge?


The Silva Method encourages people to seek knowledge, to seek truth.


And the thing that threatens those who are insecure about their own faith is that the Silva Method gives people tools to use to learn the truth.. about anything and everything.


What do those who speak out against seeking knowledge have to hide?


Sometimes it is interesting to watch those people at work. Since they do not have substance, they resort to emotionalism and demagoguery to attract and keep followers. And since there is no substance to their appeal, they do not want people to learn how to find the truth.


Hitler operated that way. He aroused people to a high emotional state, to a state where their critical consciousness was suspended. All the time, he was projecting very strongly his image of what he wanted. This image was able then to penetrate direct to the listeners' subconscious.


When people are fearful or confused, they suspend their ability to analyze, to make critical judgements. And the programming is done at a deep subjective level. Since it is a subjective level, no impression is made on brain cells, and the person does not have any way to review the "program" that was impressed on the subconscious.


Please note that this is a type of objective programming - that is, it is done through physical means, such as words, and the person's aura.


Silva Method graduates have programmed themselves to be protected from such tactics. And, through the ability to enter level and to convert the subconscious into an inner conscious level, they can learn the truth.


Religious revivals get a lot of converts through using such emotional approaches and powerful programming. And be assured, the people who achieve prominence and power are the people who project strong subjective messages.


But revival conversions are usually not permanent. This is because it takes continuous pressure to maintain such things. The emotional level must be kept high, and the programming must be reinforced, or eventually people see through it.


On the other hand, Silva Method techniques are permanent - because they are true. They are beneficial, they solve problems, they help people and help solve problems. They are not based on imaginary stories and theories that can not be proven, but are based on principles that produce results.


All that is necessary with the Silva Method is that you apply the techniques and get results. When you get results and your life improves because of this, then you will keep seeking more and better results.


We think this is a much better way than constantly being fearful of things you can not see, and that can not be proven. If there is a hell, then perhaps it is a condition created here on earth by people who spread fear, and hatred of their fellow humans, and who create problems instead of solving them.


Seek the truth, and the truth shall make you free - free to make your own choices. But some people want to insist that you choose their choice, choose only what they believe is right. I don't call that freedom. It is not my way.

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