Success Using the Silva Method

Certain principles apply to achieving success with all of the techniques in the Silva Method

There are seminars and home study courses to help you in every area of your life, from health and relationships to business and learning and sports and more.

Common factors that are necessary for success with all of the techniques, in all areas of life, are:

     Functioning at the alpha level, and 
     using visualization and 

Fortunately, Jose Silva did not have good visualization...Most people don't. 

Our research indicates that about 10 percent of people have good mental images spontaneously when they think of something. Another 10 percent can quickly create a mental image when they think of something.

The rest of us have to take time to recall what the object looks like. If you have completed the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series or the Silva UltraMind ESP System, then you have gone through the process that Jose Silva and most of us go through. (blogger's note: this also would include the Silva Life System and Intuition Training)

Remember in the Projection to Human Anatomy Conditioning, your instructor asks you to recall someone you know very well, whose face you can recall with the least effort. Then you are instructed to recall the person's features, one by one: The hair, the forehead, the skin tone, the eyes, the cheeks, the character of the face. Have you ever wondered: If this is someone whose face I can recall with the least effort, then why do I need to recall all of those details?

Because most of us - 80 percent of us - need to recall those details, to recall what the person looks like, in order to visualize the person.

Most of the ultra successful people who write the "success books" are among the 10 percent who are great natural visualizers. The problem is: They assume that all the rest of us function the same way they do

Fortunately, Jose Silva functioned like most of us do, so he understood what is necessary in order to achieve success with our programming in the subjective dimension.

The most important factor is the first one we mentioned: Functioning at the alpha level. You can learn that by practicing the Silva Centering Exercise with the procedures that Juan Silva recommends in his great article on Deepening in the Guidance for Grads section of the web site.

Once at your level, you can use visualization and imagination to program to correct problems and improve conditions...provided that you use visualization and imagination at the alpha level. That's the real key to success.

Here is an article from Jose Silva about using these important and valuable tools.

Silva Method techniques will bring about changes for the better in every area of your life: health, relationships, business, learning, self-confidence - anything you desire to change.

Why do they work so well? What mechanisms are involved in making these changes?

The key is functioning in the subjective (mental) dimension. When you enter your level, you are then functioning in the invisible world of the mind, and you are able to make changes in the visible world of the body.

The tools of the subjective dimension are visualization and imagination. They are two faculties of genius.

Let's take a close look at these tools so you will understand exactly what they are and how to use them in the spiritual dimension to make the needed changes.

Remember that it is important to use visualization and imagination in the subjective dimension, that is, at your level. Many books tell you to visualize your goals, but if they do not teach you a method for doing so in the subjective dimension, then this will do you little good.

Visualization is memory. Visualization is remembering what something looks like. Visualization is a receiving mechanism. In the subjective dimension, you receive a mental image of what something looks like. 

If your mental image is not as clear as you would like it, simply recall what the subject looks like. Recalling what something looks like is visualization. Recall the details and the colors.

Imagination is a creative process. With imagination, you create a mental image of something you have not seen previously. With imagination, you create whatever you desire.

When you create something in the subjective dimension, with your imagination, then it actually exists - in the subjective dimension - and can be perceived by other people when they are functioning in the subjective dimension.

Everything must first be created in the subjective dimension; then it can manifest in the physical (objective) dimension also.

Imagination is a transmitting mechanism. With imagination, you can transmit your desired end result to the physical dimension.

There is no time or space in the subjective dimension. When you create something, it exists as of that moment. But the physical dimension does have time and space, so it may take time before your desires manifest in physics.

Visualization is the receiving mechanism, imagination is the transmitting mechanism. How do you put these to use?

You can use the 3-Scenes Technique or the Mirror of the Mind Technique. 

For the 3-Scenes Technique, use visualization to receive (recall) a metal image of the situation as it exists now, the problem. Then go to the 2nd Scene, to your left (towards the future in the subjective dimension) and visualize whatever you are doing to correct the problem. Then with your imagination, create and transmit to the physical dimension the desired end result, your goal, in the 3rd scene, farthest to your left.

With the Mirror of the Mind, use visualization to receive (recall) a metal image of the situation as it exists now, the problem, in the blue framed mirror. Then erase the problem image, move the mirror to your left (the future in the subjective dimension) and change the frame to white - and with your imagination create and transmit an image of the solution to the physical dimension the desired end result, your goal.

Use this same technique to create better health, better relationships, a better job or increased business, better grades, any traits or characteristics you desire for yourself - anything at all that you want to have, to do, or to be.

You can use the same technique to help other people. First, recall (receive information) about the existing situation (the problem), then use your imagination to create a solution (goal) and transmit it to the physical dimension. Just be certain you do your programming in the subjective dimension, while at your level.

In the future, when you think of your project, visualize (recall) the goal you created with your imagination in the subjective dimension. Take it for granted that the solution already exists, and is being transmitted to the physical dimension so it can manifest in the physical world-of-the-body dimension.

This is what is meant by the phrase "Pray believing you have already received." Our way of saying it is to "Program in the future in a past tense sense." 

Take it for granted, and you will get your results.

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