The Alchemist - the second obstacle

The second obstacle is love. Why love? Because we fear hurting the people we love by changing, leaving an old way of being / living and seeming to abandon them.

Those who love us desire our safety and thus, fear our change. After all, change may mean danger! They love us and desire our well-being.

(Now I digress from the book with my own experience.) Also, they love us and they love our way of life...our way of life with them.

When I moved across the continent almost all my friends wished me well even though we all were sad at the great distance. A few were angry with me.

Over time I came to realize that, on an unconscious level, they were actually threatened by my actions. If I could make a huge change like this, they could too. At least theoretically. Unconsciously it seemed almost a challenge in their perception.

Bottom line: People tend to avoid change. Are you?

If so, why? For whose well-being? Is it an obstacle for you?

Change isn't always the best choice and sometimes it is.

Blessings to all of us as, daily, we have the opportunity to change.

Better & Better,


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