The Dial Method

Ever have the experience of needing to go, work, running errands, etc...and you feel sort of 'punk'. Certainly not depressed but maybe just a little 'blue'. Feeling a little lazy.


You're obviously not ill. (Or maybe you are feeling ill. See the * below.) 


Then you make yourself go and discover that you don't feel nearly as punk as you felt earlier. You may actually have a good time!


What you've done - unconsciously - is increase your frequency, your vibration and by doing that you feel lots better!


Or maybe you're in a really bad mood, irritated, angry... Just this week I used the Dial Method to get out of that kind of mood. (The clerk would be very grateful if he knew!) Driving to the store I realized I was ready to bite nails! I also realized how icky I was feeling and I do NOT like that nor did I desire to dump that kind of feeling onto someone else.


As I used the Dial Method, a subtle smile began to form. I felt better. And better. And better!


Again, raising frequency changes everything.


As a Silva Graduate you can easily do this, consciously, and make your life a lot more pleasant!


Here's a description of how I do it:


The Dial Method


1.  Go to your Level (Silva Grads know how to get there and stay as long as they like.)


2.  Imagine, visualize or 'know' that before you is a dial of some sort.

        (I remember the dial on my Uncle Ray's antique console radio.)


3.  Now begin to move that dial so that your frequency goes higher.

        (I imagine turning that dial to my right so that it moves to a 'higher station'.)


Your intuition lets you know when you've gone far enough.


Note: instead of a dial you might choose to use a lever, a button and digital display or anything that your mind equates with giving you the ability to raise your frequency.


* Yes, this is useful in health situations. It's known that bacteria and viruses function within certain frequency ranges. If you're not in their range they cannot affect you!


There have been times that I've felt as though a cold was attempting to settle in. By raising my vibration I've often totally stopped it. Or at least shortened its duration to a day or two.


Big improvement!


Use the Dial Method to make YOUR life better better and better.


UPDATE: 2 points


First, if the topic you're addressing includes something such as adrenaline (in accident situations this is common) use a 'distinctly different' dial and turn it down.


There's no limit to the number of dials you can have!


Second, if you're having a series of unfortunate incidents...even accidents...use this technique to raise your frequency to be in an energetic stream where accidents are not included.


This may sound overly-simplistic or even overly-complicated to you. It's neither. Give it some thought and you'll see how easily you can use it to make your life better and better.


Have questions? Please email me or call 253-225-9731.


Barbara Hawkins

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