The Law of Cause and Effect in Daily Living

by Laura Silva in Laura Silva, Personal Growth, Silva Method

The Law of Cause and Effect is so obvious but we seem to ignore it all the time. What I mean is:  Are you living at Cause or Are you Living at Effect? 

I would like to share some ways in which you can make the law of cause and effect work for you in your every-day life.

You can learn how to gain and then maintain control over your thoughts and your mind, which will then create some incredible positive effects for your daily life that will be noticeable almost right away.

This report on cause and effect will explain why, if you begin taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions right now, you will be given back what you desire. Essentially creating many positive outcomes and experiences in your day-to day life.


Live Consciously and Take Responsibility for Your Outcomes

The Law of Cause and Effect basically states that for every movement of energy such as in a natural happening, or a human thought that takes the form of an image, feeling, desire, belief, expectation or action there is a corresponding effect. For this reason the Law of Cause and Effect influences every aspect of your living experience. To determine why your living experience is of a certain quality or why something has come into your life, you simply need to discover what causes preceded the effects. If and when you like the effects you are living with then you keep the causes. If not, then you change the causes so as to create a different effect. 

In order to make the most of the Law of Cause and Effect, you must live consciously and recognize that you are the creator of your own reality. This concept is not fully accepted by those who insist on pointing the finger of blame at everything and everyone but themselves for their less than desirable circumstances. "Victims" of circumstance, while living unconsciously, will do their best to disprove the Law of Cause and Effect with their own personal experience by angrily saying such things as "I work hard every day and look where it's gotten me," not realizing that their anger and negative attitude has kept them from getting the long desired promotion. The fact that negative attitudes never lead to positive outcomes no matter how hard you work hopefully leads to the following realization:

The causes that lead to your personal living experience must be holistic in nature.
Causes that lead to positive effects must contain elements of a healthy Spirit, Mind, Body and Emotions.

Those in need of emotional health, healing maturation and/or expression may find themselves achieving it only to realize the necessary work ahead of them in mending and amending the many effects that were caused by the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors of yesterday, last year, or what may seem to be of another lifetime. The good news is that it is worth the work. Having a sincere desire to mend and heal the effects caused by the "Past," and doing so, will lead to future positive effects and a more positive living experience. 

The first place to start in becoming more conscious of the role the Law of Cause and Effect plays in our lives is in becoming more conscious of your thoughts. Your thoughts are the one thing that affects every thing else in your life. Thoughts take many forms and have an attractive mechanism that attracts energy to it. The energy then manifests according to the thought be it in the form of a fear, fantasy, choice, desire, belief, behavior, outcome, etc. This is why it is said that if you dwell on something long enough, and put enough passionate energy into it, then the effect is that it can, and will become your next reality.

Many of your thoughts lead to immediate effects. Being more conscious of the quality of your thoughts, and their effects, enables you to quickly alter undesirable outcomes. In many instances, by simply thinking of a more appropriate thought you can immediately create a more desirable outcome.

Think before you speak. In other words, pause for the cause by thinking of the outcome you desire instead of blurting out words based on unprocessed fears, anger, or emotions. When you feel compelled to speak out without thinking it through, PAUSE, take a deep breath, and simply tell yourself, "Relax – What's my outcome," then picture the outcome you desire and begin to move in that direction. There is no rush. You don't have to speak out immediately nor do you have to act out immediately. It is often best to remain quiet in order to think of the best, most resourceful response, behavior or plan of action.

The Law of Cause and Effect incorporates other subjective laws such as the Law of Attention that basically states where your attention goes energy flows, or what ever you focus on will expand in that direction, good or bad. The Law of Karma is similar to the Law of Cause and Effect in that it basically states that what we send forth to the Universe comes back to you. In other words what goes around comes back around, or you reap what you sow. Think wisely.

What to Do

1. Pause

2. Take a deep breath

3. Say to yourself mentally "Relax – What's my outcome"

4. Picture the desired outcome

5. Create an Action Plan

6. Begin to move in that direction

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