The Silva Method in the Land Where Meditation Began

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Here is an article that Jose Silva wrote several years ago, after he returned from a very successful trip to India, where people were very happy to see him.


The Silva Method is a big success in the land where meditation began.

We just returned from a three-week visit to India and Bangladesh where more than 1,000 people came to the advanced Silva Method training with me.

Yoga is the oldest meditation system known. It began in India at least 5,000 years ago.

Yogis typically meditate at theta levels. This is why some of them are able to perform amazing feats with their bodies - sleeping on a bed of nails, slowing their metabolism so that they can be buried alive for a month, withstanding great pain.

But they cannot become mentally active at the theta level.

They told us that yoga feels wonderful. It can bring a sense of oneness, a feeling of euphoria. They say that they often gain great insight.

Yet with all of this, India still has a great amount of poverty and suffering.

Yoga is too slow, they report. It takes too long to learn how to solve the problems that they have here and now, and even then they seem limited compared to the techniques of the Silva Method.

We took the Ultra Seminar to India, presenting the 2-day program in Bombay and New Delhi, and also to Bangladesh. In all, more than 1,000 Silva Method graduates attended.

They learned new techniques to use to heal themselves and others:

*We taught them the Silva Rapid Hand Vibration Healing Method. We asked for volunteers, as we always do.

Several people came up front who were in pain, or who had limited mobility. Several others came up who wanted to be healers. We showed the healers what to do, and, as always happens, the subjects showed substantial improvement.
*They learned the complete laying on of hands system that has proven so successful, even for people with so-called "terminal" illnesses. They watched us demonstrate it, and then they practiced it themselves.

*They learned how to read the Silva Standard Conditioning Cycle to their loved ones, and then practiced reading it to each other. Now they are able to help their family members by teaching them how to find their level and use the Silva Method formula-type techniques.

*We showed them several additional ways that they can get a person into a receptive programming state, through confusion, suspense, and so forth. 

*We covered the use of reinforcing mechanisms so that their programming will continue to work even when they are not present. It is sort of like a "timed release" medicine.

*They saw demonstrations of biofeedback equipment and learned many ways that it can help them to improve their lives. We showed them how to use a small tape player as a healing instrument.

*They found out how to program for various business situations, such as learning how to use a reinforcing mechanism to program a person to have a desire to pay a debt.

*They learned even more, such as how to use their level to strengthen family ties and build better relationships, the best time to program, special techniques to improve visualization, psychometry, and more.

It was only a few years ago that we first introduced the Silva Method in India. Bob Stone, the co-author of several of our books, opened the door for us.

Bob reported that the first time he went to India to talk about the Silva Method and effective the techniques are, one member of the audience spoke up and said, "Dr. Stone, it seems like you are storming the gates of heaven."

Bob said that he took a deep breath, looked him in the eye and answered, "Well, maybe it's time that we did."

The audience applauded enthusiastically.

Bimolendu Rakshit is our director in India, and Mahee Quazi in Bangladesh. They are adding new scientific findings to an old tradition of meditation and introspection.

The result is that more problems are being solved, people's lives are improving, and the world is becoming a little better place to live.

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