Think With the Right Brain Hemisphere and Act With the Left

      This article has some of Jose Silva’s reflections as one year came to an end and a new year began.

        He saw what he usually saw: That the 90 percent of humanity who only think with the left brain hemisphere, are causing more problems than the 10 percent who think with the right brain hemisphere and act with the left, can correct.




        Many people like to take time out at the beginning of the new year to pray for peace on earth.


        There are new age groups that meditate on peace on earth. A lot of Silva Method graduates pray for it.


        We certainly need it.

        Look wherever you like, and you will see problems:


        *People trying to destroy whole races in the name of the creator.


        *Governments treating their citizens like property to be used at their pleasure and then disposed of.


        *Politicians who fight any idea from the opposing party no matter how good the idea might be for the citizens.


        *Businesses taking advantage of every possible loophole - and even resorting to dishonesty and sabotage of their competitors - in order to improve the "bottom line."


        *Individuals hoping to "get rich quick" through any means possible, from lawsuits against corporations with "deep pockets" to gambling to fraud and theft whenever they think they can get away with it.


        It is not all bad, of course. There are still people out there - and businesses and governments - that care about other people, who care about the effect that their actions have on other people, and who try to do what they honestly believe is best for all concerned.




        These problems are taking their toll. This has been recognized by individuals, by businesses, and by governments.


        And this has spawned a whole new industry -an industry involved with "reinvention."


        There are business guru's who want to help us "reinvent" business. And others who want to help us "reinvent" government.


        They boast whenever they manage to get someone to do the right thing, the thing that is best for all concerned.


        *A politician goes on national television and boasts about how he got a government agency to stop paying 100 times more for some product than it is worth!


        *An officer of a corporation writes a best selling book about how his company has started to actually provide satisfactory service to its customers!


        *It is headline news nationwide when somebody returns a valuable item that they found to its owner!




        Thirty years ago in the United States a guru was a spiritual person who dedicated his or her life to helping people and uplifting the human spirit.


        Now when you mention "guru" people want to know the title of his latest book, and what method he uses to help businesses be more competitive in the '90s.


        And the new style of guru obliges. He comes up with new models for operating a business. You flatted out the organizational chart, or "empower" employees, or actually listen to your customers!




        As we begin this new year, I'd like to suggest another way to go about correcting our problems and bringing peace to the planet.


        It is not the institutions that are at fault.

        *Not government.

        *Not business.

        *Not politicians.

        *Not lawyers.


        Institutions are run by people. Decisions are made by people. Actions are taken by people.


        If we make a better person, then the institutions will automatically be better.


        They will function more efficiently. They will serve people better. We will all be happier and better off.


        If we can somehow convince people to work for the common good, to do what is best for all concerned, then we will all be better off.


        I am not saying that you should not stand up for what you believe in. You should fight for what you believe is right.


        At the same time, you should realize that different people have different goals. They may have needs that are different from yours.



        Some people may want to worship in a different way than you do.


        Let them!


        Have you ever noticed that the people who start wars are the people with little minds who cannot conceive of anyone else being right except for themselves?


        The people who say, "I believe I have found the correct answer, but I respect your right to differ with me," do not start wars.


        It is the people who say, "My way is the only way."  They are the ones who start wars.


        It amazes me that the people who claim to be the most religious, those who profess their strong belief in their religion, are usually the ones who show the most disrespect for the creator's greatest creation: other human beings.


        Rather than supporting people and respecting their ideas and helping them to live productive, happy lives - they condemn them because their ideas about the creator are different.


        Most wars are started by people who are so narrow-minded - who have such little minds - that they cannot accept the fact that might not know everything there is to know.


        These little-minded people act like they are some kind of god, with the right to tell everybody else how to live and how to believe and how to pray.


        In order to have peace on this planet, we must learn to respect everyone. We must respect each other's right to do as we choose, so long as we are not harming anyone else.




        We are not going to bring peace to the planet just by wishing for it.


        We are not going to correct the problems that face us by "reinventing" business and government.


        All of the cute slogans that the guru's write about in their books and say so eloquently on their tapes may feel good for a moment, but they are not going to change the basic problems facing humanity today.


        Those problems deal with humans...with people.

        To make a better world, we need to make a better person.


        Fortunately, there is a way to do that.


        The people who correct the most problems, who bring the greatest benefits to humanity, are the people who do their thinking at the alpha brain wave level, where they can use their intuitive and creative right brain hemisphere to think with.


        With your right brain hemisphere, you can get more information than you can from the left hemisphere alone. You can sense information intuitively that is not available to your physical senses. This will help you make better decisions.


        The alpha brain wave level is the ideal level to think at, the ideal level for decision making.


        When all people on the planet learn how to use the alpha level to think with, to get information and make decisions, then our institutions will work properly, nations will live in peace with each other, and we will actually have a paradise on earth.


        At the alpha level, it is easier to determine what our purpose is in life. It is easier to understand and respect other people.


        Those people who speak hateful words, who condemn others simply for being different, are not alpha thinkers. They are losers. They deserve our pity. We should try to help them, by showing them how to use both brain hemispheres to think with.


        Teaching all of the 5 billion people on the planet to learn how to center themselves at alpha is too big a job for one person. It will take all of us, working together, to get the job done.


        If you have children between the ages of seven and fourteen, then teach them to use visualization and imagination. Teach them to use their intuition. Just ask them to do it, and praise them every time they are correct.


        If you do that, they will grow up with the ability to function at alpha whenever they desire. If you have questions about it, contact your local Silva Method lecturer, or contact us here in Laredo. We have written a book, and are putting together a home study course, to help parents help their children.

        People older than fourteen need to take the Silva Method training to regain the ability to function at alpha.


        It can be done. It should be done. I believe that it must be done if we are to have peace on our planet.

        And I believe that when we do this, when everyone can - and does - function at alpha, then we will have a paradise one earth.


        Please be sure to check in at our online alumni association clubhouse from time to time - - and take advantage of the resources available there. Thank you.

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