To Make a Change, Get Healthier, Better Sales

from Burt Goldman's Quantum Jumping


1.Go to the meditative level in order to get your emotions out of the way.



2.Go to the universe where there is a healthy you, but before that think of your twin self that is in perfect health. (For example, if you are ill you go see your Doppleganger who is in a perfect health). You plan it before you do your jump.


3.Meditate and visualize a door, sense it. Step over the threshold.


4.See your Doppleganger who is in perfect health, from an objective view. Sense that you are looking at your Doppleganger. Take a subjective view by merging yourself with your Doppleganger. Become one with him and start doing things that he is doing or things that you want to do. What you are doing is you are getting the energy of your Doppleganger and the rhythm


5.Come back to your body. Relax and imagine you are getting back through the door, the door closes and you come back to your body (you are in your body meditating).

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