Turn That Dial! – How To Use Creative Visualization

by FinerMinds TeamJanuary 10, 2011



Is Your Station Tuned To Creative Visualization?


When it comes right down to it, your mind is what’s behind all of your successes in life. And as tough as this sounds, all your failures, too. There are a bunch of ways you can harness your mind’s power to create the life of your dreams, but maybe the most powerful one is creative visualization.


Creative visualization is a simple method of harnessing your imagination to create change. When you use it the right way, you’ll find your power to attract opportunities, prosperity and happiness increases dramatically.


Why Creative Visualization Works


As we know from Quantum Physics, everything is energy – including your thoughts. Combine this with the Law of Attraction, which states that ‘like attracts like’, and you can now put together the puzzle of this power.

Think of your thoughts as radio waves, continually projecting outward from your mind. Even though you can’t see them, radio waves fill the air. When you turn on a radio and set it to a station, we can only hear the sounds (music, news, commercials) that are riding the frequency you’re tuned to. What you can’t hear are all the many other frequencies flying around, vibrating at a different frequency.


Different thoughts have different frequencies too, so if you’re thinking (and therefore, vibrating), frequencies of doubt, fear or failure, guess what you’re going to get? Yep. Doubt, fear or failure.


What Creative Visualization Can do for You


What creative visualization does is change the frequency of your thoughts. By taking time every day to imagine something you want, you’re basically changing the frequency of your particular radio station. Now keep in mind that if you’ve been tuned to KCRAP FM for the past 5 or 10 years, a single visit to the KJOY station isn’t going to suddenly turn your life around.


BUT … If you start listening to KJOY daily for awhile (along with her sister stations KSMILE and KTHANKS FM), guess what? Things are going start turning around for you!


How to use Creative Visualization


Using creative visualizations isn’t exactly as easy as changing a radio dial – but it’s not rocket science either. There are a bunch of ways you can start, depending on what you like to do. Here are a few ways.


■If you’re a linear thinker, you may want to start with a timeline of events. Let’s say you want a better job. You can start the way all creative visualization starts, by creating a private, quiet space to begin. Relax your mind, breath deep, and if you can, get into a meditative state. Then let a story unfold. Use as much detail as possible. Maybe you’re in your favorite coffee shop one morning when you run into a friend who introduces you to someone looking for a new employee with exactly your skills … Keep going with this story, a little bit every day for about 10 days, until you’ve pluncked yourself down (in your mind’s eye) at your new desk.


■If you’re a visual person, you can start with some art supplies. Maybe you want to paint, draw or make a collage of the improvements you’re aiming for, then look at it every day before and after a quiet time of visualization.


■If you’re more of a word person, you may want to start with writing down or speaking your goals out loud before each visualization period.


When you add creative visualization to your daily routine – even just 10 minutes – it’s like tuning into your own personal empowerment station. Try it – and let us know how you like tuning your mind to your success frequency!

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