UltraSuccessful People, Their Books/Course and How To Get Their Techniques To Work For You

Here are some of Mr. Silva's thoughts on the ultra successful people and the "success" books and courses that they write... and what it takes to get their techniques to work for you. 
This is part of an article written by Jose Silva.

There have been thousands of books and courses created to help people achieve more success, and they prove useful. for a very few people. In fact, only about one person in ten receives any significant benefit from most of these books and courses...

...let's look first at what makes successful people successful. Not the person with average success, but the person with outstanding success. And not just success in one field, but success in many fields.

These very successful people have goals, of course, and a strong commitment to reach their goals. They are persistent, and are hard workers. They are reasonably intelligent, and relate well to other people.

But many people with average success share these same traits.

So what is the difference?

It is this: People who achieve outstanding success use more of their brains and minds than those who achieve average success.

Most people, approximately ninety percent, use only the left half of the brain for thinking, while the other ten percent use both sides of the brain to think with.

Does this make the ninety percent who are left brain thinkers just half as effective? No, they are usually much less than half as effective. For example, try lifting a bulky object with just one arm instead of two.

Now back to the question of why the Silva Method has helped so many people. While most books and courses motivate people and tell them how to set goals and be more persistent in striving for them, these programs do not teach people how to use the right side of the brain.

The Silva Method is the first program ever created that guides people to start using the right side of the brain to think with.

To develop all of your potential, it is essential that you use both brain hemispheres to think with, because each functions in its own way.

The left brain hemisphere interprets everything logically. The right brain hemisphere perceives things differently: it senses patterns, it creates new combinations that are not limited by logic.

Just take a look at the people who achieve above average success. When they talk, they seem to have a better grasp of things, to understand more quickly. They are more sensitive to people, and seem to know exactly how to deal with them. And they make correct decisions. More correct decisions than the average person.

While the left brain hemisphere is limited by logic, the right brain hemisphere is not biased against any information. It considers everything, and in various combinations. And the right brain hemisphere has access to more information than the left brain hemisphere because it deals with information stored in the subconscious.

Intuition - hunches are a phenomenon of the right brain hemisphere. The right brain hemisphere perceives information that the logical left brain hemisphere misses. When you are able to think with both brain hemispheres, you have much more going for you than if you are limited to only one.

How can you learn to use your right brain hemisphere to think with?

First, learn to relax and slow your brain until you are at a level comparable to light sleep. Then practice using visualization and imagination, and you are using your right brain hemisphere.

With practice, you can learn to reach this level without going to sleep The fastest way to learn is by attending the Silva Method training where a lecturer guides you.

When you have practiced enough, the proper way, then you can evoke that special feeling associated with using the right brain hemisphere at any time, so you will have access to the right brain's abilities whenever you need them.

People who achieve outstanding success all do this, although they may not realize that most people do not function the same way they do. Remember this when you read their books and take their courses. If you apply their techniques with your right brain hemisphere, then you will achieve results the way they do.

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