Unique Ways that Human Beings Function

In this article, Jose Silva delves into his research to help us understand the unique ways that human beings function.


by Jose Silva


     Here's a short quiz:


     Why is your body like a radio?
     Because both are communications devices.


     Your body radiates energy, called an aura, just as a radio station radiates electromagnetic waves that carry a radio program.


     I spent much of my life repairing radios and other electronic equipment. When I began to learn about the human mind and the body's aura, my experience with electronics came in very handy.


     It helped me to understand some of the ways that we communicate, ways that most people don't yet fully understand.


     Your body is a much more sophisticated communications station than a radio transmitter. You can communicate with:


     *The tone and inflection of your voice

     *Your eyes

     *Your body language

     *Your hands

     *Your aura

     *Your mind


     The first six kinds of communication that we've listed here are limited by time and space. People have to be able to hear you or see you, or be within range of your aura.


     The seventh kind of communication - your mind and your psychic ability - has no limits, as far as we know. You can communicate with anyone, anywhere, instantly, with your mind.


     There are plenty of books and courses to help you with the first five types of communication.


     Now, I want to talk about the other two.




     The human body radiates seven energy fields. The combined energy fields are called the human aura.


     The human aura is modulated by brain activity.

     To modulate means to change, to alter in some way.

     A radio transmitter transmits a "carrier signal."


     The information to be transmitted - the announcer's voice, for instance, or the music being played - is combined with the carrier signal and alters the carrier signal.


     The radio that receives this combined signal then strips away the carrier signal and is left with only the information that was added to it.


     Your aura is modulated by your brain activity. Your brain is modulated by thoughts. Every thought that you have alters - modulates - your aura.




     The objective part of your aura radiates out about eight meters - about 25 feet - from your body. Anyone within that range can detect your aura.


     That's why, when a person who is very upset comes into a room, you can "feel" their presence even before you see them or hear them.


     You can influence people around you by your own thoughts. If you are happy and at peace, your aura will reflect this, and will tend to influence other people's auras to be happy and peaceful.


    The aura energy penetrates both inanimate and animate matter, causing an alteration in matter.

     *Inanimate matter retains the alteration.

     *Animate matter continues to evolve in an altered state.



     There are several different frequencies that the brain operate on:


     *Beta, the outer conscious level, which is ideal for taking action in the physical world.

     *Alpha, the inner conscious level (formerly the sub-conscious), the strongest, most rhythmic frequency, ideal for thinking.

     *Theta, a lower frequency.

     *Delta, associated with deep sleep.


     Thinking modulates the brain at various frequencies: the beta brain wave frequencies, and also at the lower alpha brain wave frequencies.


     *The energy transmitted when thought modulates the brain at the beta frequency is limited by distance. This energy, a physical energy, can be used either to help or to harm. It can attract animate matter back to normal, or force matter into an abnormal condition.


     This is what happens when a psychic bends a spoon: The normal is changed to the abnormal, through the use of the physical part of the body's aura radiation. That's why we don't teach or practice spoon bending in the Silva Method; we prefer to change the abnormal to the normal.


     *When thoughts modulate the brain at the alpha frequency, then distance is no barrier. When doing this, you can help, but you cannot harm. You can change the abnormal back to the normal, but you cannot change the normal to the abnormal with this subjective, spiritual (non-physical) energy.


 It takes physical energy to cause physical harm, to change the normal to the abnormal. Physical energy works by repulsion.


     Spiritual energy cannot exert force against physics. Spiritual energy can only work through attraction. It attracts animate matter to return to a normal condition, to conform to the original spiritual blueprint for that particular object.


     The modulation is stronger when thought is accompanied by imagination.


     The most effective programming is done when thought, accompanied by imagination, modulates the brain at the alpha level, where there is the most energy, and where distance is no barrier.




     The human aura is made up of seven fields of energy:


     The first is spiritual, the genetic, which is controlled 99 percent by the "other side," from the

spiritual dimension. The next three: sub-atomic, atomic, and part of the molecular, are controlled from the right brain hemisphere. However, the molecular evolves into the physical, and is partially controlled by the left brain hemisphere.


     The final three: cells, organs, and organ systems, are controlled from the left brain hemisphere.


     In order to live a normal life, the way God intended, we must learn to control the energy fields correctly, that is, we must use the right brain hemisphere appropriately.




     Most people, approximately 90 percent, cannot use their right brain hemisphere to think with.


     In the Silva Method, everyone learns, with just a few hours of training, how to think with their right brain hemisphere, at the alpha level, and then take action at the beta brain wave level, using the left brain hemisphere.


     Once you have access to both sides of your brain, and you have learned how to activate your mind while remaining at the alpha level, then you have tremendous programming capability.


     Your thoughts will modulate your aura, so that everyone around you is influenced in a positive direction. This will make your life much easier.


     And you are also able to project your thoughts great distances, through the use of the right brain hemisphere, so that you can influence people and events that are not in your physical presence.




     Your aura is automatically influencing people around you, whether you know it or not.


     The question is: What kind of influence is it?


     What kind of people do you attract into your life?


     This can give you an idea of what kind of message you are putting out through your aura.


     A big portion of the attraction between male and female comes through the aura.


        Have you ever met a person of the opposite sex and immediately felt attracted to them, even though at first glance they would not seem to be your type? This happens to most people. It is the influence of the aura.


     When you meet the right person, you know it immediately, because of the way you feel. This is the

influence of the two auras coming together in a certain way.


     Once the boy and girl start dating each other, their auras begin a process of trying to alter the other person's aura. Eventually, both are altered a certain amount, until they are equal and in harmony with each other.


     That's why it is important for couples to stay physically close to each other. They should sleep in the same bed.


     If one person starts seeing another person, then their aura changes, and it is no longer in complete harmony with their original partner's aura. Then the original partners grow apart.


When you learn to function at the alpha level with the Silva Method techniques, you become more sensitive both at detecting information that can affect your life, and in programming to correct problems.


     Unfortunately, 90 percent of the people on the planet live their lives more by chance than by choice. They hope that good things happen to them, but all too often they don't.


     People who use both brain hemispheres have the ability to take greater control over their own lives, and to be healthier, happier, and more successful.


     If you are not one of the fortunate ten percent who are "naturals," you need not despair. Simply take the Silva Method training and practice the techniques and you will be able to do all that the naturals can do...and probably even more.


     It is how God intended us to live - using all of the equipment that we were given, using both brain hemispheres, using both the beta and the alpha levels consciously, to detect information and to correct problems.

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