Upping Your Feel-Good Factor – 5 Benefits Of Daily Meditation

The following fits right in with The Silva Method courses, techniques and practice. Enjoy!
by FinerMinds Team

November 25, 2010

Most of us know that daily meditation is ‘good for you’. But aside from calming your mind, what else can mediation do? As it turns out, a lot. In fact, your physical health can benefit from daily meditation too.

Even though most meditation practices come from Eastern spiritual and religious traditions, plenty of folks today are using it outside of it’s roots. Specifically, meditation is being harnessed as a tool for improving body-mind wellness.

Here are 5 reasons why daily meditation isn’t just ‘good for you’, but may actually be necessary for overall well-being.

1. Happy Heart

Meditation has been shown to lower heart rates, increase exercise tolerance in heart patients, increase the body’s blood flow and even lower blood pressure.

2. Breath of Fresh Air

Daily Mediation improves your relationship with your lungs by using oxygen more efficiently. It’s been shown to decrease respiratory rates and lower overall oxygen consumption.

3. Stress-Buster

Here are just a few ways that meditation, especially daily meditation, will change the way you live your life: access deeper levels of relaxation; decrease muscular tension, headaches and muscle pain; reduce the frequency and intensity of anxiety attacks by lowering blood lactate levels; and reduce or remove the symptoms of PMS in women. Not bad, huh?

4. The Serotonin Factor

Yep, daily meditation actually increases the amount of ‘happy hormones’ your body produces. And this means better moods and a natural boost for people dealing with low-level serotonin problems like headaches, insomnia, depression and even obesity.

5. Immuno Buddy

Research has shown that meditation increases ‘natural-killer cell’ activity. And what do these ‘killer’ cells do? Get rid of cancer and bacteria cells, to name two things. By enhancing the immune system, daily meditation also has a positive effect on things like arthritis, allergies and post-op recover speed.

6. Your turn!

Do you have a daily meditation practice?
Do you want one?
Have you noticed any positive changes in your physical and mental health when you meditate regularly?
Are you looking for a daily meditation practice you can stick with?

We want to know what your relationship to meditation is, so leave us a comment and let us know.

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